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    Anyone here try out the new ABU onsie? I ordered one just waiting for it to get here. Can't wait to wear it just hoping it fits good since the sizing seems weird on them.

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    I really want one but I think even the small will be way too long. I measured my torso according to their guide and it's only 20 inches long!! I messaged them about it and they said to shrink it in the wash...but I'm just not sure!!

    I hope yours fits you well! Post an update when it arrives!

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    Did you even notice they had a Powerpuff Girls color scheme?

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    Well I received my onsie. I must say I'm impressed with the quality of it. The sizing threw me off though. I normally wear a large shirt but ordered a medium onsie. It is a bit baggy in the crotch area but fits good. Thinking it was made for very thick diapers. I will be ordering more of them in the future.

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