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Thread: Help convince me to play Oblivion

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    Default Help convince me to play Oblivion

    So I stated in my introduction post just now that I am hoping that you other gamers on here can help me re-activate my love for videogames that I had as a kid. So the first game on my list is Elder Scrolls 3 Oblivion.

    Alright I have played this game a little bit for years now and I can't ever seem to find any reason why I should actually play the rest of it. I get about as far as needing to find the 3 Daedric artifacts and than I just stop playing. I want to be able to immerse myself in this world but can't seem to and I don't know why.

    So can anyone help convince me that this is a good game worth a full play through without giving any spoilers? What character classes have you guys/girls play the game as. And also is there ever at any point in the game a useful reason to train in alchemy?


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    Sorry I can't help you there. I loved skyrim a lot but I couldn't get into oblivion. I played for about a week and I couldn't get interested in it at all. Skyrim I was almost immediately hooked after playing.

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    With both Morrowind and Oblivion, I just play them for the enjoyment of immersion. I'm not kidding when I tell you that it was a few years before I ever realized there was a plot and main storyline to Oblivion and I'm not sure to this day what it was in Morrowind. I just really truly liked being able to do whatever I wanted and go and do whatever I wanted. I pretty much just traveled around and met some characters with stories that lead to more traveling and so on. I guess I just kind of immersed myself into that world and just enjoyed being there without direction, my path is my own.

    Skyrim was much the same, and yet far more focused. It was impossible NOT to recognize the main storylines. However it is still largely possible to ignore them and wander the world to your hearts content, just not as easy as it was in Oblivion. I really like Skyrim and kind of half-heartedly followed the storyline while still wandering wherever I liked. I have never "completed" any of the Elder Scrolls, and that's fine by me. I really like playing those games when there is no destination in mind, specific goals or routes. I really just like meandering around, overhearing conversations by all the NPC's, reading the lore, and simply discovering things.

    If you are having troubles staying interested, but still want to give the game a shot, try to not do anything. Ignore whatever the main story is, shut compass off, turn your quests off, and simply setoff into the world. Let your curiosity of "what's over that hill", or "what's down this river" guid your feet and just enjoy the immense environment the creators have constructed. These worlds are so humongous and yet I think people get so focused on the next task or goal in the "main story" that they completely miss out on just simply being in an environment that big.

    It's almost like people today in this world. They wander the earth as "cell phone zombies" paying little attention to anything else but what's in their hands. Also, it's amazing how much of a connection you can create in these games by shutting off the compass and HUD. After a while you really build a sense of direction in the game, just as in real life. I always thought that was pretty cool. That's how I play all my GTA games as well, no mini-maps or HUD.

    I will say this too just because, I HATE ESO. HATE HATE HATE that dumb thing. It was not what I was hoping for at all. I have all of fifteen minutes in that game and I'll never put anymore in. What a pile of me. Allowing me to see every stupid human controlled character really ruined the immersion for me.

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    So I have taken your advice Llayden and started a new character on Oblivion and once I got out of the sewers just went out and explored the world. I went right across the lake to the Ayleid ruins and explored them in and out. I was surprised at how big they were and I loved the finding the necromancer near the end of them and reading the un-mailed letter that was near him offered up some context to why he was there. Same thing for the bandits that I encountered there as well. I picked up a statue while I was there and thought nothing of it. I sold it because there was no reason to keep it and just last night I was approached by Umbacano's servant which led to a whole new quest of exploring the world in order to find 10 more of them. That is the kind of game play I like. You do one thing that appears to be seemingly meaningless and then you find out later on that there is more to it.

    Also last night I stoped at this inn out side of the imperial city just to see if there would be any quest giver inside. Sure enough I ended up picking up a quest to go out and find 6 bottles of this rare wine hidden in the old forts in the world but you don't know which ones. This quest just screams with exploration and adventure something that I am craving in games.

    I am playing on my 360 so I couldn't turn off my UI but thats ok since it doesn't bother me to much.

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    That's EXACTLY the way I play these games. I honestly had no idea what the main story line in Oblivion is (I'm still not sure) and have no idea what it was in Morrowind. There is so much detail put into just starting with a new character. When I left the sewers, I must have missed the mainline story "key" and just wandered into the world. I absolutely love just following the terrain. Just looking at the horizon and wondering "what's on top of that mountain"? I just explore away. You'd be very surprised how much awesome gear you pick up by happenstance, or the little nuances and items that lead to other small stories. I hope you have a rekindled interest in the game now, it sounds like you might!

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    Yeah I headed into an abandon mine near Bruma that was taken over by goblins and at the end of it I picked up this Goblin Shaman Totem Staff that sells for 7,000 gold. I was like what? when I saw that. Just need to find a good shop to sell it to. But so far it has started to get me more interested into the game for sure.

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