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Thread: This new artist says hello!

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    Default This new artist says hello!

    Hi everyone,

    Just joined up on the site and wanted to put forward my introduction to everyone.

    I am an artist (or currently) working to become one. I don't know if I am a furry/baby fur artist or not but I do like a lot of the art that I see from others that are. I do not know if I could call my self one yet. Anyways I hope to make a lot of good friends here and contribute a lot to the community here. Feel free to ask me anything that you want to know about me if you are interested. I don't want to come straight out and say what my interest in diapers or other areas related to this community are because I do not feel like this forum is the best place to put it. So instead I will say that other than art I like to play music (been playing the guitar for over a year now) I like video games, snowboarding, and taking walks around my neighborhood and on trails through the forest. I am actually hoping that some of you other gamers on here can help me get back my love for video games that I had as a kid.

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    Hello James1987 and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    Hi and welcome. Cool that you enjoy art, etc. I'm a professional musician spending most of my time on the piano.

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    Thanks! I always wanted to be an artist. I tried teaching myself the piano a few years ago but didn't get far with it. I still think I will go back to it though at some point. But I am really loving my guitar. I actually just bought a new one and a new amp.

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