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    I am a senior incontinent. Had light incontinance most my life. Nut now diapered 24/7 with major wetting at night. I have learned to live with it and most times enjoy being diapered. I only use cloth diapers and like moderately thick.

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    Hello Padded1 and welcome to the group.

    So that we may get to know you better, would you please take a moment and tell us a little bit more about yourself such as your hobbies and interests?

    Again welcome to the group.


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    hey welcome to the group! do you do cloth diapers because they are nostalgic? cheaper? more reliable? or all the above?

    heh...hope its not too forward to ask you about your underwear right off

    also, I hope your able to find topics of interest here, its pretty varied. have you always felt comforted by nappies? or only now that your reliant on them?

    how did you find the site if you dont mind me asking?

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    I have actually been in group sense 2014 but very quiet. I am senior but still enjoy camping with my motor home about once a month for 4-6 days. When i can. Last month my incontinance has picked up and trying to control it better. But being on 160 furosemide a day don't help but keeps the legs from swelling. But luckily most time I can somewhat gain a little control. I actually started having problems many many years ago. So now I am use to them, which makes things much easier. About the biggest I have is I like shopping. And always try not to buy to much. Well Egor how this for starter

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    No I don't mind at all. I think disposables are total waste of money, more prone to leak, and better get it right the first time. Or have duck tape ready. Now with decent cloth diapers they last for years. They are much more reliable and you can make them as thick as you want. I have been in cloth diapers or nappies for last 20 years. But more as precaution with accidents. Sense January I have been taking 160 furosemide a diuretic to make you pee. Sometimes too great, but keeps swelling in legs down. Every day I go out, about once a month I try to go camping, and I enjoy driving my car

    Actually joined 2014

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