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Thread: Dreams do come true... and last night was an anniversary of one

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    Default Dreams do come true... and last night was an anniversary of one

    Three years ago tonight- well last night now, I got to live a dream.

    I got to go to WWE Saturday Night's Main Event at the Cobo Center downtown Detroit. I also got to be on NBC FOUR TIMES that night as I had gotten lucky and ended up with a floor seat to the show.

    The only reason I am mentioning this is cause as I think of the things I've gotten to do I feel better about things in my life. This and my job are the things that makes me glad I have what I have in my life.

    Some advice... if you ever get a chance to do something you have never done before, do it. You won't regret it.


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    You dream of watching sweaty men dance together?

    Hey. Who am I to say anything. I wear diapers for fun. Not like you do the s-...Wait. Fuck.

    Grats, hope you had fun. ^_^

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    Okkkkk.... not sure what to make of that.

    Men dancing???? Saturday Night's Main Event is wrestling, and I grew up on that show but as a kid I never got to go to a taping, and I got the chance to go to a taping. That was why it was a dream.

    Maybe I missed something there... scratches head....


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