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    Next year I shall be travelling to the U.S. I have been several times before but not since I became incontinent and dependant on nappies. Any advice would be welccome. Where can I easily buy incontinence products as I can't really bring a months supply with me.

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    Order from XP Medical and they will ship them without a issue to your hotel I have them ship many packages to hotels . Or if you are staying at a Timeshere they will ship there also. Gary & Nicholas are awesome. Bring what you need for a day of changing in case of travel delays and your fresh supplies will be waiting for you when you arrive rest assured. Just enjoy your time in my country and enjoy the sights and eat the awesome food. If you give me a hint of where you are going I can give you tips on sights and eats.

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    I have just returned from three weeks travelling in the US. I took a supply of my Tena Slip maxi nappies with me. I rang the airline and explained the situation and they said that I could take a separate bag as medical items free of any additional baggage charge, so long as it only contained medical items i.e. my nappies, drugs.
    Most of the large grocery stores that we used also stocked a range of incontinence products, including adult nappies.

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    The only adult diapers the stores stock is the inferior new design Depends or a rare sighting of Attends or some store labeled diaper which is the thinnest and less protective means of protection. One thing you risk by checking your protection is the airlines can and will loose your baggage. So I suggest like I said above get a company like XP Medical to ship your fresh products to your hotel or wherever you are staying at and rest assured that they will be there when you arrive. one other thing is you will have the airline staff and the transportation security folks looking at your stuff behind the walls of the airport and they do have the tendency to steal things FYI .

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    Or, you could just pack your diapers in a separate bag. Then when checking in for your flight, declare you have a bag for medical reasons. Most every carrier will allow one free bag to be checked if it is for medical purposes. Of course, you will need to be ready to tell them what is inside. Also, with some airlines you will need to fill out a small card to present to them for your medical declaration. Usually it's just something you can download off their website and print out before hand.

    Alternatively, when you get to the USA, look for actual medical supply stores. They often carry half-decent diapers, which will likely be enough to get you through your trip. Forget about looking for diapers in any local pharmacy or food & drugs store. What they carry won't hold crap- quite literally.

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    > Forget about looking for diapers in any local pharmacy or food & drugs store. What they carry won't hold crap- quite literally.

    That really depends, big chain pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS only seem to carry crap quality diapers, but where I'm at there is one family owned and operated pharmacy that carries Wellness Briefs which are pretty good, and we have another one that will supply Molicare Supers if you call in advance, and another one that will fulfill orders with Tranquility ATN if you order on their website.

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    Where I am at in Northern Michigan all we can get locally is the krap in the stores even the local mom and pop drug stores you may get lucky and find a treasure that is if i have not been there and cleaned them out of their stock and have replenished with the new cloth backed krap. So finding a true plastic backed diaper in the stores is getting non existent. I add even at those medical supply stores rarely carry incontinent supplies , mainly caths or bed pads or plastic mattress protectors some will order for you but you must order cases so if you only need a bag or two forgetabouit. I do repeat my advice to order ahead via XP medical or other honest internet suppliers.
    Would like to offer sight and eats for you if you give me a Idea where you are heading ...

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    I would just contact hdis. They offer a wide variety of diapers for sale and I have never had an issue with shipping. I have had supplies shipped to hotels, boats and houses I have rented without a problem

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    Had my bag (full of nappies) searched at Charlotte Internatioanl a few years ago - the girl looking through the bag didn't even bat an eyelid - just smailed and said "thanks" - wish it was always that easy - ppl can be wired

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    Generally Speaking about this subject I tend to buy my adult diapers after I have arrived in my travel destination this helps by preventing any embarrassing situations in security at the airports because I don't have anything that they can question me about or worse make fun of I have heard all of stories about people being humiliated by the T.S.A, no offence to anyone who works for them as they do a good job most of the time although the last time I visited America was prior to 9-11-01 in 1996-97 almost 6-7 years before those dreadful events took place.

    However if I was travelling by myself in America or even abroud as I have done in the past I would probably prefer to have a day bag with some adult diapers in them and I questioned I would say it was for a medical condition or disability that I suffer from this soul suffice as my reasoning although it would only have to be for emergency reasons as I genuinely don't wear diapers when I am travelling unless its on a long train or bus journey.

    If you want advice from my blogs then go to and look up the stories page as my advice is on that website.

    Yours sincerely


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