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    I've heard that there are many ABDLs on SL and am curious about it. What is it about? Where do I join? Are there diapers in the game? Can I roleplay as a sissy baby? Is it free?

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    I play on SL sometimes, it's pretty much whatever you want it to be since the content is user-created, there are communities for pretty much everything you can think of that doesn't go against their rules. You can join on their website ( There are diapers on there which are scripted for RP use and there are some communities for ABDLs although the names escape me right now. You can join SL for free but the in-game currency (lindens) is mostly purchased with real money, although there are ways to earn it. Last time I checked $20 USD = about 5000 lindens but it fluctuates I think.

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    Be very very cautious about this place, I ventured a few times and sometimes, you may end up with sick perverts there, I stopped playing after awhile cause the universe of the basic free game is totally unrealistic, you have to pay to get access anywhere that have good textures, This game is also very addictive and you could end up spending more money than you could even imagine.

    I prefer The Sims 3 and maybe The Sims 4 if they ever do a GOTY with all the content and DLC for a good price.

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    Yep, I'm on sl a lot. It can get expensive fast. But really the amount of pervs on there is a bit overblown imo

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    I am mostly familiar with the babyfur community on SL - it's pretty large. I'm sure there are "human" abdls on there too. If you want an avatar that doesn't look like crap you'll have to spend some money, but otherwise it is free.

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