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Thread: Advice on best all white cotton Nappy?

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    Default Advice on best all white cotton Nappy?

    Hey All,

    I'm looking for advice for a all white cotton nappy not plastic back for night time use , currently using betterdry but want to try cotton style and like the all white or nearly all white look! Shipping for Europe or U.K.,

    Thanks everyone!

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    Hey, I'd recommend the Attends Slip regular M10. (Don't order the 'Plus' version as they are plastic backed).

    It's cloth backed, all white with only the words M10 written on it. It hold a fair amount - I'd rate it between a super / maxi absorbency level. It's quite thin to start with, but really balloons out when it's wet. I don't usually care much for cloth backed nappies, but these one's are becoming my favourites, and it's available everywhere online such as amazon UK, boots online, nappies r us etc.

    Here's a link to an online review which gives you an idea on what they look like:

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