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Thread: Best diaper you have flooded?

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    Question Best diaper you have flooded?

    So, while I am sitting in basically a soaked and flooded goodnites, I am interested, what is everybody's favorite diaper to just let the flood gates loose and just absolutely flood it? Surprisingly, I peed for about 10 seconds (a steady stream), and the goodnite actually held very well and didn't completely leak over the sides. It's super warm and feels so good, and it's basically dropped about 3 inches since it's holding a lot.

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    I've only ever wet in Goodnites........I'd love to flood them. that must feel so good

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    Luvs size 6(which they hold a lot) and Goodnites(the girl kind).

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    I have flooded 2 diapers to the point they leak. Cushies V. 2 and bambino classicos

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    I've given an Abena a flood for the ages before. It was great.
    Got in about 7 wettings before it leaked

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    I've worn a lot of diapers and I would have to say my favorite ones to flood are the Rearz diapers. They hold quite a lot and are really thick. Probably easily one of the thickest diapers I have ever worn before.

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    I don't typically flood like I used to. My favorite "flood story" is coming home from a film with my sister while wearing a Dry 24/7. I'm not in the habit of eating or drinking during films, but was wicked thirsty this time and chugged a medium (?) lemonade, which I chose to avoid caffeine. Not much happened during the film, likely due to a combination of shy bladder and my plumbing sometimes seizing up when sitting. Wet myself a bit after the movie, and possibly again on the walk to the car. Stopped to fill up the tank on the ride to our parents' home and stated peeing like there's no tomorrow. It's a Dry 24/7 after all, so I'm not terribly worried. Then I learned the meaning of "acquisition rate". Got back in the car and was greeted by a "squish" sensation and sound. Pee had shot from the back of my diaper, up my back and all over my very white t-shirt. My sister knew I wore but apparently didn't hear anything and I didn't say anything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleICme View Post
    Dry 24/7 or Abena M4
    Ditto on the above for me as well.

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    It's a hard pick between teddies and abu simple. Teddies can be fully loaded in one go if you can hold that long or much, but it usually takes a couple to completely soak an abu. If I drink enough water I can manage to soak overnight baby diapers where they hold every drop and it just feels incredible.

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