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Thread: Traveling in Diapers during college trips to domestic and international countries

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    Default Traveling in Diapers during college trips to domestic and international countries

    Does anyone travel in their diapers domestic and international countries during college trips? What kind of diapers do you wear when you travel with college friends and does your friends know about your diapers? How many diapers do you bring when you travel domestic and international while in college? Do you change in public or out in the open?

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    I shall be travelling abroad for the first time in nappies next year. I am incontinent and dependant on nappies now so have no choice. I am determined to carry on as before and never let my nappies and incontinence hold me back. I guess it might be a bit inconvenient at times but I shall not let being incontinent stop me enjoying my life.

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    traveled the world diapered and its all good. Just live your life . Change where you feel comfortable doing so.

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    I wear 24/7 and have traveled often without significant problems related to wearing diapers. The two most significant issues are sufficient supply of diapers and disposal.

    If you are incontinent or use 24/7, it is challenging to bring sufficient quantities of disposable diapers for a trip of greater than 7-10 days. If a longer trip is desired and you do not anticipate supplies being available, you may need additional luggage just to carry diapers. If in or near a city, most drugstores carry incontinent supplies, and you may have to purchase more if you are on an extended vacation.

    Disposal of wet diapers is also an issue, but hotel or public waist bins are usually available. Best to be discreet/private about it, as privacy is customary for bathroom activities. Changing in a public bathroom is acceptable is you are discreet and dispose properly. If you are travelling with others, it could be very challenging to keep others from knowing. Dark colored small trash bags are a preferred method to secure diaper waste and discretely dispose of diapers in public waste bins.

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    I've traveled both private and scheduled air travel...

    So, it's not much an issue, use family bathrooms as possible, but stalls do work...

    If your traveling for any length, ship your supplies to the's quite common to ship ahead clothes and alike so wouldn't cause suspicion...

    As for disposal, hotels are used to seeing them, it's not a big deal, in fact most appreciate it as a wet bed is way worse!

    Now, I didn't travel much in collage and that was a long time my experience is with business travel...

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    I haven't been on a college trip yet but I've had to deal with extensive domestic travel while diapered.

    I don't hide my diapers. I put them out of sight, but I don't try to actively prevent them being found. I don't like them being found, but I have the right to them, especially now.

    Just being on a trip, I'll usually wear Abena M3s, the same diapers I always wear - my supplier, Independence Australia, ships Australia-wide in reasonable time, so there's no real reason to change my routine.

    If I'm actively travelling - in a plane, train or automobile - I'll usually upgrade to a Bambino Bellissimo or ABU Simple. Facilities are often inconvenient - such as airplane bathrooms, where you have no privacy even with the door shut, and no space. Alternatively, you may simply have no facilities at all - for example the QR Gympie North line is 180 km (110 mi) and about a 3-4hr journey but only uses EMU trains, which don't have toilets. Thicker diapers are the best choice overall.

    I change in toilets, but I don't try to hide that I'm doing it.

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