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Thread: We're good for the economy

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    Default We're good for the economy

    How so?

    Well people make money buying diapers and shipping them, and delivering them to stores. So we buy them and the companies make more diapers because we keep buying them so they make their money. Same as stores when we go to them and buy them.

    Now that the economy is bad, I can imagine people have cut back wearing so they buy them less so the companies make less money because they don't need to make as much diapers but thank god for people who do need them so they are still in business. I can also imagine people have cut back on cloth too because they want to keep their laundry down and that means it keeps down their electric bill and water and they use less laundry detergent.


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    baby kiffer


    We're probably not the most influential part of the market, but I would imagine that our community has a fair impact on the above-mentioned industries.

    We all need to put money into the economy to keep it going, as far as I know.

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    I would definitely agree that with the majority of this site being teenagers and young adults, I'd claim that we generally don't have that much disposable income.

    I doubt we'll fix the economy by buying diapers, but at least we are spending money.

    Typically, though, to fix the economy we need to create more wealth. But until people are willing to begin borrowing money and banks are willing to begin lending money, we're gonna be here for a while.

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    Every consumer is good for the economy. So yes, that includes us as well.

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    Everyone needs to spend money, not save it. Well, you can save it, but don't save all of it because of the economy.

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    Judging by Bambino's recent price drop... I'd say they need more people buying. I know they've got my business again.

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    People who work for diaper companies will never lose their jobs because of incontinent people and us. Incontinent people have to wear and catheters suck so they prefer diapers instead rather they like them or not except the DL ones.

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    Light and witty. I frequently carry guilt about consuming anything that is not a necessity - which is almost 2/3's of our consumption! With diapers it's compounded by the environmental impact. I am a DL with no incontinence and rarely use my diapers for their intended purpose. This helps dissipate some of my guilt by justifying the use as part of my contribution to stimulating the economy with the fringe benefit of stimulating myself Haha - not really but it sounds good.

    Our consumption patterns are changing rapidly. It's not completely evident that the change will be sustainable. Ironic considering the fact that true sustainability is predominantly contingent on appropriate consumption. Something between an economy that is 2/3's based on discretionary spending and one that is wholly based on necessity spending. What that sustainable ratio is - who knows. I would err on the side closer to the economy that is dominated by necessity spending. It's an uncomfortable concept but one that will need resolution. The only question is whether the resolution will be voluntary or involuntary. Will we dictate our future or react to it?

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    Chimerica! ya, the flow of goods and finance between china and america - s'posed to be the new thing in stable global economics. buy Yuyun
    and yep, in our current style of economy, consuming will lift us out of the doldrums but, that won't get around the fundamental problem of withering resources and fuels and the pollution that the new manufacturing nations will chuck into the atmosphere - in that case, a new.... or rather, an old style and attitude of economics, from the ground up, is needed to avoid a wholesale collapse. ironic that the current powerhouse of manufacturing economics (china) has a culture of olde-worlde economic thrift and steady growth, while at the same time encouraging an active participation by it's citizens in the global economy via modern communications.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baby kiffer View Post
    We all need to put money into the economy to keep it going, as far as I know.
    Untrue, thus the problem with the fractional reserve system, the economy could keep flowing(Not at full pace, but still alive) without any influence from the citizens, money is created, given to banks, and when they loan money, they just create more money(Basically, makes it so that when a bank requests 50.000 dollars, they keep it, and when they loan that out, they simply "Create" money out of thin air, in otherwords, no real risk of losing money)

    For an example of what I mean by this: Credit River Decision: First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Jerome Daly

    Money is created for next to nothing, and only has value equal to what we say it has...

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