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    Default Oh no!!!!

    Someone that doesn't know about me as an adult baby opened a package from a company with stuff in it. I'm scared she'll be mad.... what do i do?

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    you say she does not know you as an adult baby, does she know you as a person? whats your relationship with her? also why was she opening your mail? why would she be mad at opening your mail?

    also what type of "stuff" are we talking?

    in the meantime, this thread may help you

    the individual in this thread also had someone open their mail

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    Talk it out with the person who opened the package and try to come to a understanding with the person and if he or she gets mad give him or her some time to calm down and let him or her come to you dont rush as this will only make things worse you dont know until you try also you could open a P.O BOX have all your stuff sent there so nobody knows and if the shipping is through ups when they deliver the package dont answer the door and take the sorry we missed you notice and pick up your stuff directly I hope this helps

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