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Thread: MTV's True Life Adult Baby Episode Airs 10/26/2016

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    Default MTV's True Life Adult Baby Episode Airs 10/26/2016

    Well guys, I must say it took forever for me to get the go ahead but I can finally say that this Adult Baby Episode of True Life will be on TV 10/26 at 11 PM. The director neglected to tell me if that was EST or not but It's not hard to find out by checking your cable if you have MTV.

    Just in case people don't know who I am I explain that on my Youtube channel:

    This episode follows several adult babies, I don't want to talk about the others on the show but I can say that my life is covered, both as an adult baby and as an adult. My real life friends are shown, and hopefully a decent amount of a music video, yes the director worked out me making a music video which will be available on my Youtube channel AFTER the episode airs. I really don't want to spoil anything on the episode but I can testify for a fact it covers real life, it's not just a freak in diapers, it shows that we are real people that have real lives and interests.

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    Good luck! I really really really really really hope you dont get burned!

    cant wait to see the episode!

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    Thank you Baby Mitchy

    Hope the TV program goes well.


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    I hope you'll remind us of the date again when it gets a lot closer. I mentioned it to my wife, but we have trouble remembering a lot of things. Anyway, I hope you come out well on the show and that you don't get a lot of flack from the muggles.

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    Yeah, I'd like to see this. I hope it represents us well. You are a brave dude.

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    I wish you the best on this endeavour bud.
    You were just a few years younger then me when you started down the AB rabite hole.
    Take care.

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    Just hope we can find it online, I can't access MTV here cause I don't have a cable subscription (I didn't watch enough TV to justify it, I watch 90% stuff from Internet, content and channels I wanted aren't available in Canada sadly)

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    i hope they don't edit it to make anyone look bad! i feel like shows like that like to do that a lot. :c i'm excited to see it, though!

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    This is really good news!!!! You made it to TV Mitch! I really hope it all goes great!!! And NO screw ups like in the past all I can really say is ...... This is so awesome!!!I know there is a lot more that I could say but I am just so happy and excited that you got this opportunity!

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