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Thread: What do you think about ABU preschool?

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    Default What do you think about ABU preschool?

    What y'all think about abu preschool? I got my first pack today and idk how i feel about them yet.

    So far after trying one they seem to hold a reasonable amount but not alot before they leak. I would say my favorite thing so far that i like about them is the new plastic landing it seems to be made a little different then past ABU diapers. I also love the landing designs. :3

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    I haven't tried them yet because of a lack of hiding spaces, but when I'm able to finally get them I'll definitely be getting at least half a case.

    Am in love with the landing designs, especially the nighttime one (SHEEP! OWLS! YEES!) and I'm a fan of the cloth backing. Sometimes plastic sticks to the skin and that gets on my nerves occasionally.

    The fact that the designs are mixed is just amazing to me. It's like a real baby diaper experience.

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    I REALLY like the new ABU preschool diapers. Since they arrived, earlier this week, I've been wearing them as my daytime diaper and loving every minute. For me, they capture the look and feel of a real baby diaper in an adult diaper. I have been able to wear them longer, avoid leak issues and need fewer changes, by adding a Northshore medium booster. (without creating a revealing bulk issue)
    Preschools won't be replacing my thicker nighttime diapers, but have become my first choice for daytime diaper wearing.
    Congratulations to the new ABU company for this latest addition to their product line.

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