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Thread: Your variety

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    Wink Your variety

    Hey guys I'm curious to know every diaper you've ever tried.

    I'll list mine in no particular order. My favorite so far is Fabine..surprisingly

    • ABU Simple
    • ABU Space
    • ABU Cushie v2
    • ABU SDK v1
    • Bambino Bellissimo
    • Crinklz
    • Fabine Whites
    • Abena Abriform
    • Tena Maxi Slip
    • Molicare Superplus
    • Drynites
    • Depend Maximum Protection Slips
    • Pampers
    • Huggies
    • AIO Pul Cloth Diapers

    and many many booster pads.

    Now list yours!

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    I've tried many mystery diapers back when i would buy from goodwill in my town ( they always had a huge section of diapers.) but the ones i know i've tried.

    - pampers
    - huggies
    - goodnites
    - ATN
    - M4
    - molicare
    - Bambino teddy
    - Depends with tabs (plastic backed)
    - Northshore supreme (my main go to diaper)
    - Abu Sdk
    - Abu Lavender
    - Abu preschool ( just got my pack today)

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    Tena Maxi and super slip
    Boots slips
    Alvita All in ones and Euron Slips
    Plus terry nappies and training pants.

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    Absorbency+ Level 3 & 4
    Abena Abriform M2, M4, L4
    ConfiDry 24/7 (my everyday goto)
    Depends "Protection with Tabs" (6-tape style)
    iD Slip PE
    Molicare Super Plus
    Northshore Supreme
    Seni Quattro
    Tena Slip Maxi (old ones were great, new ones were horrible)
    Tena Stretch Super
    Wellness Superio
    ...and a whole bunch of drugstore brand ones not worth mentioning

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    Currently in my stash:
    • Depend Maximum Protection with Tabs (the plastic-backed ones)
    • Tranquility ATN
    • Depend Flex-fit for men

    Previously I've also had:
    • Depend Adjustable Underwear
    • Goodnites
    • Underjams
    • Abena M4

    The tranquility ATNs are probably my current favorite.

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    Well... below are the ones that I remember, in order of when I first tried them.

    I started with baby diapers because I had no idea that adult diapers even existed until I was in my early 20s!

    • Baby cloth diapers (my old ones from when I was a real baby!)
    • Huggies
    • Pampers Baby-Dry
    • Pampers Premium

    • Boots Staydry Briefs (original plastic-backed)
    • Boots Staydry Briefs (soft-feel)
    • Boots Staydry Slip (very discreet belted garment)
    • Tena Maxi Slip
    • Tender Night
    • Kanga Harmony
    • Bambino Bianco
    • Terry cloth
    • Senset
    • Vlesi Slip
    • Molicare
    • Lille
    • Abena Abriform M4 (plastic-backed)
    • Boots Staydry Briefs (Attends branded)
    • Lidl (random European brand)
    • Attends 9
    • Attends Special Care 10
    • Abena Abriform M3 (plastic-backed)
    • Attends Briefs with waistband
    • Abena Premium M4 (soft-feel)
    • Abena Abriform M3 (soft-feel)
    • ComfiCare
    • Depends pull-ups
    • Absorbency Plus (A+)
    • BetterDry
    • Kolibri Comslip (full plastic-backed)
    • Forma-Care X-Plus
    • Dry 24/7
    • Kolibri Comslip (thin, breathable sides)
    • iD Expert Slip

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    I'll try and list them in the order of trying them:

    - Boots Staydry Slip
    - Lille Supreme fit (Super)
    - Lille Classic Fit
    - Tena Slip (Super)
    - Tena Slip (Maxi)
    - Tena Slip (Ultima)
    - Cuddlz
    - Attends Slip regular M10 (plastic backed)
    - Attends Slip regular plus
    - Molicare Super plus
    - Abena M2 (Cloth backed)
    - Tena Slip Maxi (Confio air)
    - Tena Slip Ultima (Confio air)
    - ID Expert Slip (Super, Plastic backed version)
    - Tena Slip Active fit (Maxi)
    - Attends Slip M10 (Cloth backed)
    - Comfi Care M10
    - Abena M4 (Plastic backed)
    - Betterdry
    - Forma Care
    - Drylife Slip (Super)

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    I am still a noob,

    All I have tried so far is;
    Always Discreet
    Tena Supers

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    Original Depend Fitted Briefs (late 1980s)
    Generic Goodnites (too many brands to list)
    Abena X-Plus (M4 and S4)
    Attends Classic
    Wellness Briefs
    SDK v1
    Kendall (1 tape per side)
    Northshore Supreme

    That's all I can remember...

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    Tena Slip (Super)
    Abena M4
    Teddy Bambino
    Molicare Super Plus
    Attends Classic
    ABU Super Dry Kids
    Snuggies Waddlers
    ABU Cushies
    ABU Little Pawz
    Tykables Overnights
    Rearz Crinklz
    Some other random diapers I have no idea what brand they are.

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