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Thread: New ABDL clothing lineup ideas.

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    Default New ABDL clothing lineup ideas.

    Hi everyone,

    Short story first, I've been searching all over the net, there are a few ABDL websites that sell baby clothes but most of them are too costly for %80 of the population. I am guessing. At least I don't believe I am alone in this. My favorite site is privatina and for a onesie I'm looking at at least $100 because it's custom designed and with shipping to north america it breaks my wallet. I've never been able to find an affordable site. Have you?

    Now back to the present

    I recently been in contact with a few clothing manufacturers from around the world about designing baby clothes in adult sizes. This is where i need your help on what to mass produce first. Every article of clothing I order I will have to sell and need your input what is most desired. I would make everything if I could but have to order a minimum of 100 pieces per size. So I want your help to get me started. What baby clothes do you dream of owning that you can't afford from those custom made sites? Also what Specifications do you want added and please share any ideas of your own.

    Your help would be great.

    Currently the only thing I ordered a 100 pieces of a rear zip onesie with locking slider in medium. 99 of them will be sold once I get them.

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    the only thing I would say is with onesies and rompers and anything with elasticated the legs, be sure to use wide soft elastics. I think that is my only criticism of things I have bought, is they use the same narrow elastic you find on true baby sized clothing. And it can be uncomfortable.

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    I actually own a custom clothing company...almost all vanilla products...

    It's currently shut down after being laid up for some time, and still am...will startup again once I am able to keep things in check again, had theft, and orders misplaced, and worse!

    Anyhow, I'm my own opinion there are two sides you can compete on, price or quality.

    I used to have lots of China and India products coming in for resale...

    Just be very careful with vendors, and contracts, as overseas the rules are different!

    I wish you all the success in the world!

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    I like the look of the Awwsocute footie pajamas with the snap closures and all. $50+ is a little high though (factoring in shipping is closer to $60+)

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    Babykins has 9 different onesies from $35. to $45.00 and they are made good. They do not rip you off on shipping. Forever Lazy has sleepers, they look well made for starting $35.00. Thinking about getting one myself as I like sleepers. Might also want to take a look at Changing Times Diaper Co. as they have great diapers doublers, onesies, and diaper covers all good prices.

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    I want a good adult pocket diaper wide croch and snap's mabey raise snaps.
    Got an china one out Australia but to narrow in the croch leaked badly.
    Double gusset bigger sizes not all ab's are 36" or 38" I tend to run into
    38 to 42" real pockets are multi size reason the snaps.
    The one thing is wing droop so there needs to be a snap to stop wing droop. So croch and wing droop.
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    LittleForBig is pretty reasonable. I only paid like $25 for a good quality onesie

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    Although I have little money and my babyish clothing choices can be a bit limited also because I live with my parents, I voted for rompers and sleepers. But for me they would have to be a 2X/3X size because I'm a literal big baby.

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    If you're doing this more as a community service/hobby sort of thing, I think the single-product approach is fine. Otherwise, as clothing lasts a while and the number of potential buyers is kind of small, you might saturate the market (temporarily) well before you make enough money to fund a second product. For a business, that would pretty much be The End.

    If you're wanting to replace your current job with this, I'd suggest saving up enough money to launch 3-5 clothing items at once, and be prepared to live on ramen noodles for a while. Even then, you'd still likely fall short of critical mass.

    On a related note, I've always found it funny that the makers of disposable ABDL diapers have all these branded tees for sale too. I have to believe that the number of people who buy and wear those is close to zero. Why they aren't selling more useful clothing items is a bit of a mystery to me.

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