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Thread: Taking Apart a Mam Butterfly Pacifier

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    Default Taking Apart a Mam Butterfly Pacifier

    Its been a while since I've posted, but since I'm back to the scene i've been finding cute button style mam pacifiers and modifying them.

    These are the ones I've modified so far:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    But today I picked up these adorable butterfly style mam ones, these here:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The first ones I got, the button in the middle popped off easy! Just had to cut the nipple, put a screwdriver inside, and push with all my weight and it popped off!

    But for some reason, these butterfly style ones don't come off the same way, Mam pacifier buttons aren't glued but clip in, but these ones seem to be impossible to pop off, I've even injured myself in the process, got a screwdriver stuck in my hand...

    So has anyone taken these apart? If so, how did you do it? I don't have much "shop gear" like clamps and stuff.

    #UPDATE 1

    Parents are gone for work (I still live at home for now) and that means I can be a little noisy trying to find a way to pop the button off.
    I'll post if I got any progress.

    But I know why it is so hard though, the shield is a thinner plastic, so its easy to bend. On the first set the shield is durable as hell and the butterfly ones are meant to be lightweight and flexible for newborns. So I'm gonna have to put my thinking cap on about how to take the button off the Butterfly mams...

    #UPDATE 2

    Well, I literally got so pissed off at the damn pacifier i flipped it over and smashed it with a hammer till I felt better, after I did that, the shield around it had come off and there was a crack that i shoved a screw driver in and the button popped out. Upon looking at it, the button had a lot more glue on it, since it is a newborn pacifier they did their best to make sure it didn't come apart on one.

    The shield was not usable at all, but luckily I had leftover mam shields, and it seemed to fit the others the same so I then stuck my new teat inside and placed the button, and it wouldn't snap closed, I had to actually cut the nipple, like little divets on the side so the clips on the inside would be able to reach where it clips.

    Upon that, I was able to clip them back in place and I had my new paci!

    Except one thing...
    I went through 12 hours of working on that stupid pacifier, and I accidentally put it back in upside down. So now the print is upside down, so I gotta suck on the pacifier upside down to get the print right side up.
    So, make sure you don't make that mistake like I did, I tried to get the button off with the easy method for the mam button style pacifiers but it will not budge, at all. So I'm stuck with an upside down pacifier... I mean, it's okay, I sometimes suck on it upside down to be goofy anyways.

    So if you're going to mod these pacifiers, good luck, be VERY careful, the glue is VERY strong, and you WILL HURT YOURSELF.
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    Ouch! Try bending the plastic shield back a bit.

    I haven't taken the butterfly style apart before, but my favorite paci is a MAM I modified myself.
    The butterfly style is absolutely adorable but the ones I want are newborn sized.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    By the way, I have questions about the MAM night! I want to buy one, but how well does it glow? How does it glow?
    Is it glow in the dark plastic or some kind of push light?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepies View Post
    By the way, I have questions about the MAM night! I want to buy one, but how well does it glow? How does it glow?
    Is it glow in the dark plastic or some kind of push light?
    It's glow in the dark plastic and glows rather well in the dark.

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    They glow extremely well! Just hold them up to the light for about 30 seconds and turn off the light, they glow so bright it actually shines green on everything. I was pleasantly surprised! Although, I did bend the plastic back and I think the problem is that the shield is too flexible. On the first set I got, the shield is very strong, and very big too (was also pleasantly surprised), on the butterfly shields they bend easy, which makes it harder to pop the button off, even though the button is all I want from it

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    thanks for the warning! i might need to have my partner do this for me, i'd cry if i got myself with a screwdriver. ;__; those MAM glow in the dark pacifiers are so cute!

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    I hope you don't mind ^^"
    I've been forwarding your experiences to this other thread I made on how to modify MAMs:

    With credit of course.

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