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Thread: Good Place to buy premium diapers SLC utah

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    Default Good Place to buy premium diapers SLC utah

    I am visiting salt lake this weekend. Does anyone know of a good place to buy quality diapers there? Any good medical suppy stores?

    Thanks everyone

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    You can try Incon Medical. They only sell by the case though.

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    I go to Salt Lake City a lot, but have never had enough time to really go on the "diaper hunt" there. I'll be really curious to hear what you find out!

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    When I was stationed at Hill AFB just to the north, I used to get Molicare Superplus from a place called Peterson's Medical Supply. I am fairly certain they were a chain and have locations in SLC and elsewhere. However, that was about five years or more ago now so I am not sure if they still carry the same selection. It was really nice as I had one of their locations just a couple blocks away from where I lived.

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    Not too many places around that sell premium diapers in small lots. A few of the medical supply places do have them by the case. If you like cloth, Adult Cloth Diaper headquarters are in Sandy. They have a walk in store front at their warehouse where you can get cloth diapers or their plastic pants. They will pull them from the shelves for you and sell to walk in.

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    my advice, if you really need, have some ship to the place you're staying (unless its family)

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