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Thread: New diapers in the mail

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    Default New diapers in the mail

    I just got my mixed case of diapers from abu. I had such a hard time desiding which diaper to wear first. I chose abu space and I'm loving it. What do all you think about space diapers?

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    I have yet to try them so far. But im making it my goal to at least try all the abu diapers. I've got SDK, Lavender and now preschool marked off my list.

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    Space are fabulous, so amazingly absorbent and so wide in the crotch you are constantly reminded you are padded. Actually become a little addicted to making the fade when wet green aliens dissapear!

    Love the Simples, same as the Space but nice and plain white which I love.

    Love the SDKv2s and Cushies v2s, for me they fit great and are very robust and absorbent. Amazing for me to have a supply of single tab per side nappies.

    Looking forward to trying the preschool when they reach Australia and will definitely try the Lavender.

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    I'm making it a goal to get a sample pack with some Simples. Dunno about the Space yet mainly because I can't get behind AB prints, even though the Simples have the same shell as the Space anyway.

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