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Thread: Brought to many nappies again.

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    Default Brought to many nappies again.

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    I brought to many nappies again and am currently not wearing at the moment because after 19 days wearing contently I've burned myself out and I have no desire to wear, so I have a bedroom stocked up with nappies and nowhere to put them and I hate the fact I can't hide the two ugly boxes they are in sitting in my room.

    I was thinking about leaving most of them outside a charity shop, what would they think of the unopened adult baby nappies, would they could they resell them do you think? Lol.

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    The medical ones could go to a thrift shop (if unopened of course), and you might be able to sell the AB ones to people on here? Or eBay/Craigslist.

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    Thats a nice diaper stack! I've recently done something similar, I've got around 12 boxes of Abena L4 in a room and various boxes and packets of misc diapers, its gonna take a while to get through them.
    As for burning yourself out, keep going!

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    You can never have to many nappies they will gone before you know it. My great stash is starting to get low. So stay cool and enjoy your nappies.

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    Avoid the purge bobbilly!

    Stack them so they form a nice shape and thrown a sheet over the top so they are out of sight out of mind for a while.

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    I regularly get over stocked, and give tons away to people who need them or would like them , there are countless ways to give away extras , if they are truly that, if you are just overwhelmed take a step back, gain some perspective before you do anything with them,don't rush into a purge that you will regret later, not everyone has access to good diapers so gifting them is a great thing, but don't do so at great expense to yourself, burnout passes and you move on but don't be at diaper 0 when it does , and from the photo it might be helpfull to put the mirror in front of them instead of behind.

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    If you're not giving them away on this site, Daily Diapers has a well set up forum for this sort of transaction.

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    When I was a little kid, my mom would help me build a fort by getting some kitchen chairs and draping a sheet or blanket over the chairs. You could do the same thing but instead of chairs, use your stack of diapers. Think how nice it would smell, and you could play with toys and plushies in your fort! That would be a lot better than purging.

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