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Thread: Cartoons on YouTube [TreehouseDirect]

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    Default Cartoons on YouTube [TreehouseDirect]

    I'm not affiliated with them, just happened to stumble on to their page from a Google search for something else.

    After a few searches here, it doesn't seem like it's been posted before.

    TreehouseDirect has 145+ playlists for quite a few cartoons including:

    Little Bear
    The Backyardigans
    Franklin and Friends
    Berenstain Bears
    and many more


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    Quote Originally Posted by MommyandMattling View Post
    wow this is awsome! I love franklin!
    Off topic a little bit, but would your avatar happen to be a Komodo Dragon? They are awesome.

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    it is!! my favorite plushie that i got as a gift from my mommy is a komodo dragon! (See link)

    I named her dirt, its short for dirty paws

    which of the shows you listed are your favorites?

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    adorable plushie

    To be honest, I'm not sure XD

    All of them, I suppose.

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