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Thread: SA Power Outage

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    Default SA Power Outage

    Well my whole state had a power outage, I was scared but luckily diapered, tried to sleep, but thunder scared me.

    No clue how an entire state went without power, but I'm fine, internet works, power is back on

    I should add, we had a very intense storm. I have this irrational fear of a tree killing me...

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    I'm visiting in your state and I'm still in the dark. But I has phone so it's all ok. Plus the psycho wind has gone now. Snuggling is the best option.

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    I was there in I think December 2014 and got cooked for days straight with 40c+ weather then on the last night the winds picked up and I could have sworn the roof was ripping off where we were staying.

    Pretty fierce old state for weather you have there... Only thing that totally makes up for it is Belair Fine Wines for their amazing beer range (best bottle shop in Oz.)

    Glad the power came back sweety!

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    Have to agree pretty crazy how a whole state can be without power. Hope everyone is all doing alright who are over there.

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    It was.... interesting... attempting to change myself via candlelight. Thankfully the power was only out for a few hrs.

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