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Thread: Another shrimp on the BarBee...or not really actually

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    Default Another shrimp on the BarBee...or not really actually

    *Disclaimer if the title didn't clue you in - I'm weird*

    Yeah so hi there! How is everyone out on the interwebs? Or at least this corner of the web, I guess.

    I am new here, so I have been quite the good little rule-follower and made this my first post. So time for the basics, I gather. Alrighty then, let's see here. Time for some random facts:

    I am a female living in the southern US and am currently furthering my education after deciding that working in a lab is as boring as watching NASCAR (sorry, car-racing fans, no offense meant! And I live in the south too. I'm a terrible transplant southerner ) I'm terribly immature for my age (well, I guess that's probably given) and HATE getting older, although I can't seem to avoid it. I'm still in my 20's though, so it's not too bad yet. My attempts at finding a cure for this malady through google searches has so far proven disappointing...

    ...yes, that was, in fact, a joke.

    Anime and coffee are my two addictions that I just can't quit, and I don't really want to either. If you were to meet me in real life, on any given day I can seem hard to approach, weird, stoic, crazy, dark, nice, not-nice, silly, and many other descriptive words since I am moody and emotions rule me. But on the internet, I'm always in control, 'cause I can hit the delete button, so it's all good But I am always sarcastic. Sorry, can't turn that off.

    I'm a huge escapist. The anime/manga thing feeds that. So does reading and my enjoyment of fantasy lit. I can lose myself in things, so don't expect a response while I'm watching/reading.

    Other random facts:
    -If I could transform into an animal or I had an animal famiiar, I'd be/It'd be a fox. Foxes rock.

    -Cookies also rock.

    -My next car will be a mustang GT. If I had more money, it'd be a GT500 Shelby.

    -Arm warmers rock too. Don't hate on them. My wrists and forearms need fuzzy warmth too

    -I have two cats. Are cats a requirement for older 20's single girls or something? I dunno, but cats triple rock.

    As far as the diaper/AB thing goes, I've been one of those mind-changing, on and off people for years and years. You know, like the overly idealized ideas about wearing all the time, to the throwing everything away, and then back again. And I have my share of insane/what was I thinking moments from these times of course.

    The diapers stem more from my intense and persistent desire to be little again, I think (which you would NEVER guess from my outward personality, heh). I have an extremely active innerchild that won't leave me alone and never grew up due to a variety of possible reasons, but I don't have any sob stories, so no fear That feeling never goes away, but the diapers have been on and off, although they have been more or less stable recently. Of course my innerchild is 3ish, so not technically a baby, but close enough to warrant the AB tag, I guess Either way, I can be very juvenile, so there you go.

    I thought I might be a bit social for once, so I joined here. I've spouted enough nothingness here I think. See all of you around. Later, nutbars.


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    This new batch of ADISCers with such high kitty approval pleases me greatly :3

    Welcome to the group, you can pay your cookie tax to the kitten empire in the jar on the left.

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    Another shrimp on the Barbie!?

    I didn't know Barbie had a crustacea fetish!

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    Excellent introduction - welcome! Please make sure to participate, as you will find this is a very diverse group.

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    I don't like shrimp - sorry. *throws a good ole steak on the barbee*

    Welcome to ADISC anyway. Stay as crazy as you are...anything else would be boring!


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    Quote Originally Posted by MixyNyxi View Post
    *Disclaimer if the title didn't clue you in - I'm weird*
    Join the club! Or more like, welcome to the club, sense it seems that you've already joined.

    As I first read your post I was like "oh know, a southerner!" but then you said nascar was boring so we're cool. *joke*

    The way you describe yourself and your "inner child" is almost exactly the same way I chose to describe myself. I'm excited to see what else you have to say on the forums.

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