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    Default What Helps You

    Gets you into your little space?

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    Hi Buhha

    It hard to say I know some people need triggers to get into it, some of us think about what age they won't to be. And age play and go into little space that way.

    I not really a age player I am an AB little boy I am never far away from just relaxing into little space.

    If you are finding it hard to do you are trying to hard.

    I Suggest you try this. Get yourself comfortable. If you want to put on a diaper.
    Now let your self relax. Let go of all your adult responsibility,

    Let your self feel your iner child because it's play time, your iner child will lead you the reast of the way.

    Your little space will look difert two other people's so there is no right way. It just you letting go of being a grown up. And having a nice time. No one can tell you how that looks like.

    Hope that helps you little one.


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    Obviously the #1 thing that helps is a nice-fitting diaper. Even better if it has designs.
    Babyish objects like pacifiers, toys, blankets, all of that, they help.
    If I want to sleep baby-ishly, then my Wave Projector helps, and coupled with that is relaxing music.
    Solitudes or 'baby music' on YouTube is the best, especially in long compilations that don't require my input.

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    Well I'm not sure about other people here, but isn't like a light switch for me. I have to be under some kind of stress or else I'm not in the mood for it. If I am in the mood, then I just surround myself with childish stuff. Put on a diaper or a pair of printed training pants, my bottle, pacifier, plushies, maybe a kid's book if I have one around.

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    I think I've only been in real little space once, and fairly recently. In that case it was a combination of Little Paws, a Nuk 5, and having my girlfriend there to hold me and keep me safe. It was strange, because as soon as I tried the pacifier it triggered something in me and I could feel myself just on the verge of getting really small. I kind of resisted because my girlfriend is also a little and I didn't want to leave her in a caregiver position, but she encouraged me to let go and just let it happen. She told me that as I lay there beside her it actually seemed like I was becoming physically smaller, and it kind of felt like it from my end as well, just the way being in little space effected my posture and sense of proportion.

    I also find that stuffed animals help a lot. The bigger the better!

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