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Thread: Men, have you peed during your erection?

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    Default Men, have you peed during your erection?

    I've read that when a guy's dick is hard, it shuts off to their bladder so they can't pee while they are hard. Even my bf can't pee while it's hard. It's real hard to pee he says. He has to wait for it to get a little soft before he can get some of it out but it's still hard to go. he has to wait until it's not erected anymore before he can easily go.

    So anyway I just had a little fight with my online friend. He said I was wrong and he doesn't care what I read and he knows more than I do. I got mad and told him f**k you and go call me a liar. Heck even I have been told by a incontinent guy online he doesn't pee when he has sex because it shuts off to his bladder. It was the same with my ex too, he was also incontinent. But my friend claimed he has peed while he had an erection. Perhaps his was soft enough for him to go.

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    I can't, but many guys can pee while hard. Theres video's on x-tube to prove it.

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    I cannot either, but it is possible with practice (from what I've heard). I think just being presented the situation often enough would make the individual more relaxed, and over time, the individual would probably be able to go.

    - Asher

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    I've done it. It's a bit hard (no pun intended) and not pleasurable at all.

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    I could go when it was hard, but it wasn't as easy as when it was soft. In my younger years, usually I'd be hard when waking up in the morning. It would still be hard when I did my morning pee, but would soften up right after I finished going. It's very rare I'm hard when I have to pee now - just naturally comes with age.


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    When aroused, the prostrate, which surrounds the urethra (the tube that connects bladder to the meatus-the opening of the penis) between the internal and external urethral orifice, swells to clamp the urethra shut at that point, preventing urine from escaping from the bladder during ejaculation due to muscle contractions experienced during orgasm while still allowing semen to be forced (from the same muscle contracitons) from the Epididymises (where semen is stored and sperm continue to mature after production) into the urethra, out the meatus and into the female (or wherever it's headed).

    In theory, it is possible to force urine through the urethra when aroused if the muscles regulating urination, primarily the abdomenal and sphincter muscles, contract hard enough. It is unhealthy to do so.

    If you can urinate when aroused without forcing (and by forcing I mean straining very, very hard) it, then you may have a prostate problem. If you can urinate when aroused without forcing it chances are you are expelling urine in your ejaculate and/or sending some ejaculate into the bladder (retrograde ejacluation). Both of these are unhealthy for males and the former is unhealthy for females, potentially causing a serious infection. This symptom, which is can be indicative of a number of medical problems, requires prompt medical attention.

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    I've pointed this out before on another thread. It's not advisable to try it or run the risk of getting an infection.

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    Erm.... just like pramrider, I was able to pee while I had my morning wood as a teen. Felt pretty damn good, it went away after puberty, but it's not inherently unhealthy.

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    Well... The only time I have had a problem peeing with an erection is when I try to go in the toilet and had to point it down. Really hard, I kinda had to lean forward against the wall or it would not even come close to the target.

    As with the others... this was during teen years and gettin up in the morning. I used to live out in the middle of no where and when I went outside it just went. No problem with a erection. So it must depend on the person. But when you have to push your thingy down to aim into the toilet it is incredibily hard to pee with an erection. :P (I still can pee with an erection as well)


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