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Thread: Slow constant drip after urodynamic test

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    Default Slow constant drip after urodynamic test

    So I have urge IC & OAB, and amongst the ton of tests the doctors did was a full-on urodynamic test. This was fine except that they didn't use any anesthetic, and it was incredibly painful to be catheterized 3 times in an hour. This wouldn't be as much of a problem, as the residual pain went away by the next day, but I discovered that now I have a constant slow dribble of about a couple drops an hour, aside from my other symptoms.

    My IC/OAB isn't bad enough to require I wear protection ALL the time, and enjoy the time off from having to be padded when I can despite being a DL, but whenever I wear regular underwear I always end up feeling damp down there. Sometimes if I'm sitting still for a while, I can feel a drip slide down my urethra from time to time. Tried that trick where you press on the perianal area to release anything that might be still in the urethra, but there's nothing in there to come out.

    It's been months since that procedure, and it hasn't gotten any better. Was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience?

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    Mine is similar except I drip about 4 ounces in an hour average. Over night is worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABdei View Post
    Mine is similar except I drip about 4 ounces in an hour average. Over night is worse.

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    Was yours a result of catheterization, or did it start on its own?

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    I drip I flood and everything in between the basement of the Hoover dam has less leaks than I do, they do make pouches that you can wear in your underwear for the leaking we frequently refer to them as "penis pampers" it's a lot less than a full on diaper and will keep your undies dry all day, it rather rare for a catheter irritation to persist beyond a day or so , this may just be your bodies progression.

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    My incontinence started with a drip and an occasional dribble by day and bedwetting at night. It has steadily increased to where I need nappies full time now.

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    Had a stroke in my 20s. Started slow like yours but then got hit by a car 12 years it's worse...with pelvic pain

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    Yeah that's pretty much where I am now, and I guess that's where I'm headed, haha. Not particularly pleased about it, but what can you do, life goes on.

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