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    So I have been talking to a friend and she wants to move out of her parents (as do I). So we have been planning, found a place but it's not going to be ready for six months, give or take a month. The thing I'm worried about is it's a small place small bedrooms etc. I kind of know she's going to find out about my abdl side. So I'm going thru the pros and cons of telling her before moving in. I'm just still on the fence, I've been wanting to tell her for awhile, but haven't gotten up the nerve. There's a very slim chance that she's not going to find out like 10-20%.

    I just want to hear what you guys would do?

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    Having been in the situation of roomates finding out heres what i did.

    about a year and a half ago i ended up falling through a roof about 18 feet and smashing my noggin on a beam going down, landing on a concrete floor. while i was in the hospital my roommate took it upon herself to try and bring me some things i might need, clothes, laptop, etc etc (very nice of her)..she was not expecting to find a pull up in my clothes drawer

    took me by surprise, took her by surprise, I ended up texting her and assuring her that it was something that was innocent enough, and in no way involved children. she never brought it up again.

    there are a lot of things that come out of the woodwork when you live with someone, my advice is this:

    if its something you feel she is going to find out anyway, its better to get it out of the way now. so that no monkey wrenches are thrown into your living situation when you are already moved in together.

    take that entire list of cons, and now imagine you have that list AND a signed lease.

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    It would be fairer to her that you tell her know. So she knows about your ABDL side.

    Think how you would fill if she was an ABDL and you moving with her only to find out by accident a full weeks in living together.

    Plus it would bring a freedome you may been looking for, being able to have a bottle in the fridge so you have a cold drink ready to go, for example. Being able to have a suck on you pasifer while watching television.

    It better to have the conversation know and play the 50 questions and get it out of the way. If she hate the idea then at least you been honest with her. But there is a chance that she bay be OK with it. Even join in, in some way, treating you as a child.

    Any way let us know who it all goes.


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    Even if she does find out, if you're comfortable enough living together you're comfortable enough to know about your kinks.
    There is no person on this Earth without a kink, your friend is no exception.

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    Thanks for all your input. I think I'll tell her but there are some details that I want to work out with her first.

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    mind if i inquire what they are? or too nosy? sorry..threads are like good books, especially problem threads. want to know how it ends

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