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Thread: What baby pacifiers & baby bottles should I get?

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    Wink What baby pacifiers & baby bottles should I get?

    I didn't really know what to name this thread so I apologize if you find it misleading!

    I don't really have the ability to get any adult pacifiers or adult baby bottles, so I have to stick to baby pacifiers and bottles. I already have one of each, but I feel like the nipple on both items is too small, and I have to struggle to suck on them so it's not that enjoying. I don't remember the ages these products were advertised for.

    Which ages should be on the box of these items? Anyone know any brand in specific that would be the best to get?

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    I don't have too much experience with baby bottles unfortunately. Only have one and it's generic walmart brand. I have heard from a friend though that you can use cattle feeding bottles. They're much bigger and you can find them at most feed or livestock stores.

    As for baby pacifiers though I have a MAM 6+ months and a Nuk 18-36 months. The MAM is too small for my enjoyment but the Nuk isn't all that bad. It's still small being a baby pacifier of course, but occasionally I still reach for that one instead of my normal adult sized pacifier.

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    Most baby items like this come in 0-6 month, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and/or 18+ months. Each one larger than the previous one. So, look for something around 18+ for the largest baby size.

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    For the bottle I'd suggest a NUK bottle with a fast flow nipple. You can find both rather easily at your local Target. As for pacifiers, I agree with Sheepies' recommendation of MAM 6+, which you can also buy at Target. Currently have a couple and am loving them.

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