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Thread: New Tykables PLeather

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    Default New Tykables PLeather

    Saw this and haven't seen anyone make a thread on these yet...

    A little info

    Interesting; thoughts?

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    Tbh, out of all the things they could have done im disappointed... didn't they realise the failure of their last niche product?

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    I'm glad to see they're still trying to widen the market. I'm also glad to see that unlike other makers of black diapers, these have clear tapes. I doubt I'll buy a lot of these but I'll be almost certain to buy some.

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    Geez... Don't know what to say except I personally find that awful.

    Don't want to knock that fabulous company but now I have finally been exposed to what I consider the farthest from diaper ideal imaginable.

    I apologise if I offend anyone and of course like and love as suits you but I see that IRL and I am running.

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    I like them. I'm a DL not an AB so the baby themed 'designer' diapers don't appeal to me. These do.

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    Hmmm - I doubt that Tykables is a serious company - but black pleather diapers is a pretty cool idea, though :-) But probably not from that company - that is if it is a company at all :-)

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    Wow. You'd think that after having to re-brand the S.Ex. diapers, they'd have gotten the hint that BDSM-themed/branded diapers were a product looking for a market. What are they thinking? Really? PLeather? For that name, shouldn't there be a whip target printed on the butt?

    While they're at it, why not make a diaper just for messers? It would have an all-brown exterior and an extra wide crotch. They could brand it "The I B.M. Personal Come-Pee-Yew-Turd".


    Dear Company-Formerly-Known-As-Snuggies:

    Please do yourself a big favor and fire the BDSM practitioner on your marketing team. BDSM is totally cool and all, but your company is headed for destruction if it's going to stake its future on the diapering needs of those at the sparsely populated intersection of ABDL and BDSM. Besides, didn't we all get our fill of garbage-bag diapers back in high school?

    Just sayin'.

    Your friend,

    Quote Originally Posted by jguy View Post
    Hmmm - I doubt that Tykables is a serious company - but black pleather diapers is a pretty cool idea, though :-) But probably not from that company - that is if it is a company at all :-)
    Oh, they're real. But after their first two diapers, it's been a downward spiral as far as their decision-making goes. Hopefully they can "Pull-Up" before impact. Wakka-wakka-wakka. *clears throat* Anyway...

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    Another product looking for a market. I guess I'll hang it up with their overnights too, as it seems that Tykables wants to target the BDSM crowd, and are really not interested in us who need to wear them due to medical issues. ABUniverse is a far better company, and probably a little more understanding of us who are on the autism spectrum.

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    These diapers have absolutely no appeal to me, personally, but I respect those for whom these diapers seem cool.

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    i feel like they're hoping the new style of wetness indicator catches on with other companies so then they can claim "we did it first and we were innovative"

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