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    Do you ever have that want to wear a diaper to bed, then decide against it, and during the night, something happens that would of been bad if you were wearing a diaper?

    Example:Earlier this semester I was debating whether or not to wear to bed...I decided against it. Low and Behold, I get a call asking for computer help(brothers girl it was important), yes I could of changed out of it, but anyways, had I been wearing, that a)probably would of been a waste of a diaper or b)could of been bad.

    So, you ever get that gut feeling warning you against wearing to bed that night.

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    Maybe not wearing to bed, but there are often times where I want to wear, but I know that my friend would want to go out that day, and it turns out he did.

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    One time last summer when I was thinking of wearing just a diaper in my room, I didn't.... I wore clothes over it. Then out of nowhere my dad walked in. I didn't even realize he got home! It was a good decision.

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    It's human nature of selective memory, where we tend to remember things that seem of significant coincidence and forget all those misses.

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    There is one time, actually:

    My mother and her friend went to a stage performance in Los Angelos, so they stayed at my grandparents' place that same night. When the sleeping arrangments were decided, my room was given to our guest. I keep everything in a non-locked (it only looks locked) trunk in the closet. Had anybody snooped around in the closet they would have found diapers, pajamas, and pacifiers. Thankfully, I had the incling to move it a few days prior. Luck was on my side for once.

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    The opposite has happened to me since I'm a bedwetter. A couple times I have decided that I wouldn't wear a diaper to bed and had a bad feeling that I would wake up in a wet bed. Most of the time my bed was wet. I don't do that very often.

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    Yeah, sometimes I get that feeling. Mostly it's just me being paranoid. I'm always worried about getting a knock at the door just as I've put a diaper on. Or getting that "I'm just outside, can you let me in" phone call..

    It's only happened once though. I changed quicker than ever! Diaper stashed in bag very quickly!

    Makes me laugh now though

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    not so much with diapers, but I often get that ominous feeling and have found its better to heed it. the few times I ignored it bad things happened. eg steping off the curb (sidewalk) and knowing it was wrong, then only just missing being run down when I kneejerked and decided to get out of the road. I got clipped by the wing mirror instead and ended up with a huge arm & rib bruise.

    Its often refered to as precognition and classed as an extrasensory ability innate in everyone, but only manifests itself when the indevidual is in danger in the majority of the populace.

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    I remember the time I decided not to wear at night when I wanted too. It was a great decision. That was the night (the one and only... hopefully only for ever) that my mom had a siezure int he middle of the night. She never had one before in here life and so far it has been her only one. (hopefully it will be the last). So if I had worn it would have been crazy.

    My dad yells at me and I wake up and tells me to call 911. So I do. So right there I would have been in a diaper (hmmm... how I would explain that. lol) Then the ambulance and all of them showed up ( I not sure if I would have had time to change out at anytime.) Then after that we went down to the hospital with them.

    So that whole time I would have had a diaper on under my pjs if that happened. YIKES! haha good thing i did not wear that night. don't know what type of conversation that would have lead too.. haha... i probably would have told them i wet at night. lol

    Better that it didnt happen!


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