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Thread: Looking for plastic-backed alternative to Seni Quatro for daytime wear

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    Default Looking for plastic-backed alternative to Seni Quatro for daytime wear

    I've been on a bit of a binge lately and have been wearing 24/7 for almost a month now. I wear the Seni Quatro during the day because it's really discreet and has a pretty impressive capacity (although I don't wet at work because the idea of changing at work freaks me right the f out.)

    Thing is, I really prefer the feel of plastic-backed diapers. I'm currently wearing Absorbency Plus for nighttime, but the larges are kind of uncomfortably tall on me (I'm on the low end of most larges or the high end of mediums, depending) and I've had issues with them leaking. So they're no good for me during the day (and I'll be finding a new nighttime diaper for my next purchase.)

    I may be asking for the unicorn of diapers here, but does anyone know of a plastic-backed diaper that's fairly discreet, has high capacity (and good wicking) but doesn't clump, and either has a larger-range medium, regular size, or a large size that isn't competing with the Empire State building for height?

    My preference is on medical-looking because they're easier to make up excuses for, but I'd consider an ABDL diaper if it's otherwise discreet.

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    Get yourself a sample of the northshore supreme lites and the northshore supreme overnite, they should provide what you are looking for, also you may want to try the id slip maxi in the plastic back form and xp medical has them on sale right now

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    I suggest the Abena Abriform M-4. Very high quality, invisible under reasonably loose pants, great absorbency, though not quite as thirsty as Quattros. The medium size is a bit bigger than most mediums, and definitely a medical look.There's a good reason these diapers are so popular!

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    saddly its a crap time to find plastic backed these days, even my medical supply places who I counted on before have stopped carrying ones they will sell by the bag to me for plastic, at least around here, maybe you're in a better location, but here the options in plastic are almost no existent.

    Also it seems each day, another fairly thin plastic alternative goes away.

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    Seni has probably the highest rise of all the diapers I've tried, so pretty much any plastic backed has a good chance of being close to your criteria. Northshore supreme and iD slip might be a good place to start, as was mentioned before. I'd recommend against M4s if rise is an issue (M4s are probably the second highest rise to me next to Seni, though fit is going to be different for everyone so ymmv).

    To give a somewhat outside the box suggestion, molicare are good if you want good wicking. The capacity on paper is lower than other diapers, but assuming you go slowly you'll use near 100% of it (unlike say an M4 where you'll only get what's advertised if you do gymnastics while wetting). They're also relatively thin and don't swell a ton.

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    Argh, my update was eaten by an accidental backspace to the previous page, lol...

    Sorry for delayed reply, been super busy and haven't had much "personal" online time.

    Regarding the M4s, unless they've changed recently (hehe) I remember the clumping being really bad on those, even with just sweat after a couple of hours they start clumping. It's been a few years since I've used those, so maybe it's different now...

    I've been thinking about trying northshore supremes, guess that will probably be my next try. They're not really loud, are they?

    The rise of the regular size Seni actually seems pretty low to me, never had an issue with it poking out the top of my pants unless they're riding low or something. Probably much worse on the large, though. It's been my experience that most large diapers have really high rises.

    Molicare is okay, the wicking is definitely great on those...but I have to admit the purple color is a bit off-putting, lol. If they're not printed I prefer 'em mostly white. :P

    Thanks for the suggestions all, gonna order some northshore supremes and see what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuxLibrum View Post
    Argh, my update was eaten by an accidental backspace to the previous page, lol...
    fyi a lot of the time you can hit "forward" (opposite of Back button) and it will reload properly with the text you've entered. depends on your browser tho

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