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    Default Box Size?

    So, I didn't think about this before I ordered them, but I just bought a case of Simple diapers from ABU. Does anyone have any idea how big the box is that they come in?

    It's 80 diapers, with 10 per pack, so 8 packs.

    According to UPS, the box is 41 pounds.....ummm sooo....

    Hopefully someone can give me an idea of how big the box is, so I can plan on hiding it XD

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    The box is about 3 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft. Not an exact measurement, but should give you a good idea. Good luck hiding. A lot easier to hide, or just put away in general, if you take the diapers out of the box and store them in the bags. More flexablity and options.

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    The box is mavhossive , filled the trunk of my Ford Focus hatch back and I had seats down at the time as well

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    oh dear, alrighty, I knew it was gonna be big, but this helps firgure where I'm gonna put it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FauxPas View Post
    oh dear, alrighty, I knew it was gonna be big, but this helps firgure where I'm gonna put it.
    Not an easy thing to hide
    8 single packs is easier to hide

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    I recently bought a pack of pamper size 6 and I got the jumbo pack with 64 diapers in, I just about managed to put it in my bag but it was kinda obvious what it was! I sneaked them upstairs and nobody asked why I bought a massaive bag back!

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    Right I ordered similar recently, 80 diapers, 10 pack samples, 8 packs. It all came in a large box measuring , length 58 centimeters - top to bottom 70 centimeters.

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