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Thread: What sports do you play? If any.

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    Default What sports do you play? If any.

    I personally enjoy football, bicycling, rugby (although I was always way too small to play) running. Recently completed a 117 km bike rally.
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    Soccer maybe, I've attending some of tournaments.
    Else was football and basketball.

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    By football I meant soccer.

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    Swimming, Bicycling, Bowling. I used to be pretty serious in the water, but that was years ago. The cycling has always just been a hobby and something I enjoy. Bowling on there other hand, I'm pretty much the best at that. You could say it's pretty serious.

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    I like to swim (although it's just recreation and exercise for me), and play water volleyball and pickleball at the YMCA.

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    I enjoy shootin' hoops, swimming, and bowling. As a kid, I did swim team for several years, and also played soccer. Never have been much of a sports fan, though--which is to say that watching things like football bores me to tears. (Somewhat ironically, though, I was in marching band all through high school and college.)

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    Nice, did you ever do any bicycle marathons? If not you should try it. Very rewarding. Although I wouldn't suggest trying the 117km on your first go l.

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    Default What sports do you play? If any.

    We like to ride our bike almost every day. Mommy fills up our bottle and clips it to our bicycle. And then we like to grow our very secret garden. Does growing gardens count? After lots of outdoor activities, our AngelMommy makes us come in so she can change our diaper, feed us lunch, and pats us on the bottom and she gives us the butterfly kisses that help us fall asleep for our nap. Then she wakes us up, changes our diaper again, and sends us out to play. This is what we usually do over and over again into the night ... This is our daily sports and outdoor fun! We are healthy and happy happy happy!

    May you find comfort & peace!
    Voksen Bleie Komfort
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    I used to play city league softball but now I just get out on my bicycle.

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    I was never very big on team sports, but did start running again recently, 4+ miles at least 3 times a week. Would love to swim again but don't have easy access to a pool. Have also wanted a bike for a number of years.

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