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Thread: buying diapers

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    Default buying diapers

    Anyone know where I can buy some decent diapers in the SE South Dakota area, I am looking for something better than store brand and buying online isn't an option right now.

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    If you can find a medical supply store you might be able to find something like Tranquility I hear. There's always the option of using stuffers like baby diapers in cheaper brands. But if you really want something high-quality online is pretty much the only option. If you don't have a credit card you can buy something like an Amazon gift card.

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    ^^^ And if its about not wanting stuff sent to your house just arrange to pick it up from a ups store.

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    I didn't know you could pick up at a ups store. Currently I use Walgreens diapers and use a tru-fit as a booster.

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    I've been trying to figure out how to pick up in store, but no luck. Can anyone help me out please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdsu09 View Post
    I've been trying to figure out how to pick up in store, but no luck. Can anyone help me out please?

    I haven't done it. No need, since I live on my own. This is what i found on their site. Seems pretty straightforward:

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    It should be noted that "the ups store" is not the same as ups. Each is an independently owned franchise under different management. I worked at two of them (same owners owned both) back in 2004-2005.

    In many many cases there will be a ups store far closer and more convenient than having to go to an actual ups hub location.

    Google "ups store near me" or near some city, find the phone number and call them. Just say that you don't hold a mailbox but were told you could have a package sent to them for a nominal fee and see what they say.

    The fee we charged in this scenario was like $5.

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    Does it go the same for Fedex? North shore care and XP medical use them and I was wanting to order one of their diapers.

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    I have benn incontinent since 2010 although not through my own choice on the subject of buying diapers Personally I always buy my diapers from mobility shops when in town in the UK this cuts down on the high prices and also the embarrassment of having to collect them from a chemists aka boots, although when I am abroad the first thing I seek out is where can I buy my diapers from usually this means having a dry run at going to the supermarkets and having a good look around before making my purchases.

    I kind of have gotten used to being a 36 year old diaper cladd adult because of my on-going disabilities that make me have to wear some sort of protection from embarrassing accidents and yes at times this makes me feel rather babyish but I don't have any other choice in this matter,although I will never let it ruin my life as I am still young and I don't want to be judged by people who don't know me as per my blogs and stories on this and many other websites although sitting down here right now in a fresh diaper whilst on holiday it feels like all my worries seem so far away and life seems so very good when I am in diapers as its as if I can get back to healing myself of ptsd following many years of bullying and witnessing the death of a pedestrian in 2010 on a road due to a drunk driver.

    Yes I freely admit that I have my problems but doesn't everyone?.
    Anyway I am going to relax more so I will get back to you soon,

    Yours sincerely

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    I work in a pharmacy and there are a lot of the better medical brands of diapers we can special order for no extra cost or cheaper than they would be out on the shelf. Try going to a pharmacy there and asking what they can order, then you can just pick it up with them the next day. Probably prepare ahead of time a few specific options to ask about.

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