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Thread: A cool use for baby powder

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    Default A cool use for baby powder

    I found that the legend that baby powder gets rid of grease and oil in your hair is true! It made my hair look and smell nice! Well that's an excuse to leave it lying around!

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    I think it makes me smile nice, and feel dry.

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    Really, Will have to give that a try.

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    If you ever go to the seaside and get scratchy sand stuck to your feet that you can't brush off... just add a bit of baby powder, and the sand dries out and falls off without you needing to rub the skin off!

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    Wow that's a good idea and my feet will be soft too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    I found that the legend that baby powder gets rid of grease and oil in your hair is true! It made my hair look and smell nice! Well that's an excuse to leave it lying around!
    Just do not breathe the dust.

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    Yes, I was going to say, be sure to use the corn starch kind and not the talcum powder type because talcum can cause cancer. Talcum acts in much the same way as asbestos and having talcum on your head would make it easy to breath in. No one wants lung cancer.

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    I don't snort baby powder you know, I only use t for my hair and diaper changes!

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    ...and still, we use it on our most precious little defenseless beings...

    I believe it's a bit overrated (the damage done). Yes, there's some evidence of people winning lawsuits because their vaginal use lead to uterine cancer, OR, were they just users that developed uterine cancer like tens of thousands of others, but were savvy enough to hire a lawyer, and get some cash for it, since that's the way our (US) society seems to operate (blame someone else for whatever happens to you....).

    I mean, honestly, HOW DO YOU PROVE that putting baby powder on your privates leads to uterine cancer, when normal life tends to lead towards uterine cancer, too?

    YES->YES->, let's not inhale, like Billary.... "I did not inhale, and I did not have sexual relations with that woman....", BECAUSE getting any kind of junk in your lungs is going to do them no great service! Drywall dust, dirt, other powders, etc. How about if you live in the desert, and breath in dust, God forbid, leaving you with Valley Fever (coccidiomycosis???). That could be life threatening, too, but not smell nearly as nice~!

    Like I said, I've heard the warnings, and I have heard the commercials. I just picture this lady that used baby powder on her to-to getting a 96 million dollar award as being a little ridiculous. Sad as it is, my wife refuses to use Johnson's BP, due to all of this hype, SO, I miss the baby powder smell emanating from her to-to, too, AND HAVE MY RIGHT to be pissed about it~!

    AND PLEASE, DO-GOODERS, don't try to edu-ma-cate me with studies! I can find one that will prove just about anything you come up with, except that eye boogers cause cancer, too... That we know is false!

    BTW, I'm certain that I'm going to my deathbed with talc in my lungs! Doctors watched my lungs for nearly a decade, certain that there was something sitting in the bottom of them, but as they did endless chest x-rays, they decided it (whatever it was) was just not growing, and that was that. It could be drywall dust, could be baby powder, could be saw dust... Still, I'm 63, and healthy as a fiddle! I've got kids riddled with cancer, suffering from MS, and on and on, so let's not wax/wane too ridiculous on this issue. Powder is part and parcel of being childlike. MAKE NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!!! I'm an adult, making my own choices. You can't save me. If I die before I wake, then pray the Lord my soul to take, powderpants & all!

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