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    Is it legal for my mom to take me out of a class because she doesn't think I care enough to bring my grade up in it?

    Sorry for the shortness of the question, but I don't really want to talk about all the details. I just want to know this because she says that she's taking me out of my trigonometry class and I can retake it next year. I say, hell no, I'm finishing the year out with a better grade than I got on the report card. Not those exact words.


    I'm not looking for advice on how to improve my grade, I'm looking for straight answers on the question, and then some advice on other issues this raises if you have anything.

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    I think that the technicalities might fall to her side. The reality is that, as a minor, your desires are subjugated to her desires, and ultimately, she would have the ultimate say. I would have a hard time believing she would summarily cut you from the class because of a poor grade for one grade period. Have you consulted with the teacher about whether you can salvage the grade or not, and have you spoken with the guidance staff, and others about your ability and desire to rectify the situation?

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    I had a conference and then got depressed shortly thereafter so my grade hovered at the wonderful F it was and is now at. I'm not getting any support from my parents, but at least one of them has the common sense to leave me alone and let me sort the problem out myself. My dad. Which is really a flip from what usually happens.

    She's really angry because I am now ineligible for a few things which I apparently worked so hard to get. I can't do JV volleyball (oh no, I can't play volleyball with the team who never sets me at the net?!), I can't do All-State (oh no, I can't go and be bored for a few days as 27th chair?!), and she suspects that I don't care. When I try to tell her that I care she says that I don't care because I have an F! Circular logic. I can't get out of it either. And my parents and I don't have any kind of sentimental relationship so writing a heart-felt letter is definitely out of the question as it would be awkward for both of us and would be a fix that would last a week tops.

    Would it be advisable to talk to the principal and explain the situation so that she might divert my mom? I can certainly salvage the grade ( 59% ) and bring it up to a C if not a B with extra credit that I've already done. It gets added at the semester grades, which is what colleges look at. I've regained my composure and am fully capable of fixing it, should my parents stay away.

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    Yeah, pretty much it's not illegal. If it was illegal, the school wouldn't allow it, and it wouldn't be an issue in the first place. You are her child. So she gets to pick what she thinks is best for you until you're at least 18.

    PS. A great math site I've found is Helps me with my calc all the time.

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    She can do it, but you can still attempt to fight it by appealing to the teachers and guidance counsellor.

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    But thanks for the help guys. I'll talk to my counselors tomorrow. She may be threatening (for what ends, I don't know) but she may just be delusional, so I have to take initiative.

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    Maybe I've been out of school too long, but I've never heard of someone being removed from a class because their grade didn't improve. It doesn't even seem like something the school would approve.

    It seems to be that, being that the school is responsible for you while you're there, they need to know where you're at at all times, so your safety and their cover-our-ass attitude would give them plenty of reason to keep you in the class regardless. I've never, never heard of a parent being able to willingly remove their child from a class unless they suffer specific legal actions put forth by the school.

    If you, as the student, are looking forward towards self-improvement, then I honestly don't think you'll have a great deal of difficulty remaining where you are. There are always some achievement-tracking programs that can be incorporated to help make it obvious that you are trying.

    Remember, schools deal with parents who are acting like fools on a daily basis. In the long run, the decision will likely be made by the authorities at the school based on their legal and ethical rights and requirements. Because of standardized testing, records they need to keep, and the sole fact that they need to make it look like they are trying to educate you no matter what, it's likely far more important for them to keep you in that class. Just because your Mom says she's going to take you out of a class does not at all mean it will happen.

    Frankly, unless you're in a private school, I don't think you have much to worry about.

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    Wow - sooo different from school in england - in which if you are failing and have spent more than 4 months in the class, you stay, no matter how much either you or you parents want out!

    now for you, I s'pose you could try to get your trig teacher to talk to your mum to show that you are trying, and that your grad is slowly improving, and that you won't fail.
    If the teacher says he will help teach you (which they generally do, as they want to make themselves look good) then your mum won't take you out =]

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    If you're under 18, then yes, it is legal.

    I suggest talking to your counselors about it, because maybe in the end they can talk to your mom to change her mind, but in the end, it's still her decision.

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    I guess I'm really in the dark about this -- parents really do have the ability to pull kids out of classes for any reason? That seems preposterous and entirely counter-productive for any other reason outside of the child's immediate emotional, physical, or mental well-being. I never heard of any child ever being removed from any class by parental request save for kids who were moving out of town.

    I'm not trying at all to be combative, but simply trying to get more information, because I've been looking for the past twenty minutes online and haven't found anything. Does anyone have access to any state, federal, or even district, county, or Board of Education guideline that illustrates that a child may be removed from a class prematurely by the parent or guardian by mere preference?

    Even beyond that, while I'm sure there are ways it can be done, it certainly seems like the parent or guardian would need to jump thorugh a million-and-one hoops. Just because someone may be legally privileged to do this does not mean that it can simply happen at the snap of a finger -- I imagine there would be several meetings and hearings that needed to happen prior to it actually happening.

    I don't know. I just don't necessarily buy that a parent can do this so easily.

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