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Thread: what does it mean if an AB Little wears a collar?

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    Question what does it mean if an AB Little wears a collar?

    Hi everyone.

    Got a question, wearing a collar.

    I have been to a full meets and some AB Little wear a collar.

    Does this symbol something like a wedding ring does?

    Is it a symbol of being owned? Like saying I have a P-Dom?

    I know I sould of ask someone yesterday at the Munch but I didn't won't to look like a vanilla ice cream.

    Hee, hee

    Hope there is some one that can help me.



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    is symbolises being own most common in the pet play community

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    Quote Originally Posted by icklespace View Post
    is symbolises being own most common in the pet play community
    Beat me to it. Was about to say the same thing.

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    It could be a furry thing, a BDSM thing, a petplay thing... Although it doesn't necessarily mean the wear is ''owned''... I'm not ''owned'' but I have collars, although it's been over a year since I last wore one in public.

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    Harr thankQ you guys. I thought it was an education of being a Sub. I like the idea of dreading up as a furry, but I not a slave, far to mischievous for that.

    Any way I not going to tell Paddy he might put me in a puppy cage. And make me wear a coller. He probably think it funny.


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    Usuallly if a submissive is wearing a collar it means they are Owned or being considered. But like they said, many people wear collars to express their pet/furry side.

    Personally, I see collars as something similar to a wedding band, and when I wear my collar it is a reminder of the commitment, trust, love, and the bond between me and my Dom. It's a signal to most others that I am Owned and in a serious relationship. Of course most vanillas don't know that but you know.

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    Coming from the side that would like to wear collars when I meet my daddy in real life, he already knows this and I hope he has planned accordingly, this could mean many things, all of which have been addressed above. To me, wearing a collar is just a sign that I'm a little kitty, and kitties need their collars or we will be taken away by the scary pet people. To me it doesn't mean my daddy "owns" me, just that I am protected from someone kitnapping me and locking me up. *shudders*

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    My girlfriend is has a collar with a little bell on it. This is because she is a kitty girl (i.e. likes to act like a cat and identifies with them) and that prop helps to both advertise the fact and helps her enter the role. She also dons kitty ears on occasion and is constantly saying cut kitten related things.

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