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Thread: Amazon shipping issue...advice?

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    Default Amazon shipping issue...advice?

    So I live at an address that has the equivalent address a street away on the other side (for example I am 123 A street and they are 123 B street.) I have ordered a couple of things from amazon one of which was of an abdl nature and was waiting for them to show up today when I hear the neighbors on the other side laughing loudly (still going on actually) and exclaiming on what it is they found (in particular a onesie with a decidedly babyish design...)

    So thankfully it's only one and the rest of the order was normal. If the issue comes up when/if they deliver the package or is talked about does anyone have anything better than "part of a Halloween costume" as a cover?

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    Being so close to Halloween, that's really not that bad of an excuse.

    You could also go with "that's weird, I didn't order anything like that"
    Or "geez, these won't fit my friend's dog at all!"

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    Crisis avoided I think. The girl that came to my door did mention it as a "cute outfit" and appeared to accept the Halloween explanation. I feel silly having made this, but I was quite thoroughly panicking at the time

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    Glad they took the halloween explaination. My biggest question out of all this is wtf are they doing opening up your mail. Thats a federal offense here in the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommyandMattling View Post
    can we see the onesie in question??
    Of course!

    I don't usually buy abdl clothing off of amazon, but this was just too cute to pass up (and the comments mentioned that they would fit guys) so I had to go for it

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    I guess we know what your halloween costume will be.

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    Good to hear you had a happy ending to your problem. I would not be to upset at her for opening your package. I use amazon often and I do not look to see who it is addressed to. In fact I usually do not look at any package or mail to see if it is mine or not. Yes, I have opened things that were not addressed to me. That's a whoops, sorry about that. Now she really should not have been showing off your onesie to a neighbor. Poor judgement on her part. Hopefully she tells that neighbor it was for Halloween.

    Another thought. On Halloween you could wear it and go to her door to show off your Halloween costume. If you had someone dressed to be your mummy it might be kind of a fun thing to do. It is a very cute onesie.

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    Oh that is a cute and yes, babyish onsie! I think you did well in your explanation.

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