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Thread: How do you feel when you wear diapers?

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    Default How do you feel when you wear diapers?


    I wonder how you feel when you wear diapers. Do you feel sexual aroused about diapers or donīt you feel anything at all, do you see them as fetish objects or just as medical help against incontinence?

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    It's mostly a sexual thing for me, but I also have the desire to wear more when I get stressed, so the comforting factor comes in to play too.

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    I feel comfort and like myself when I wear diapers

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    It used to be totally sexual, but as I began to wear diapers more (24/7 for 3+ yrs), it has definitely shifted towards being more mentally aroused, (with sexual moments - can't keep wood forever...), and more of a "wearing for need", whether psychological, or physical (comfort, convenience, etc.).

    I don't think it's necessary to have it all figured out. Just go with the flow. It adjusts itself, as the need arises, probably based on whether you're single, in relationship, or married.

    The diapers are me. I don't deny it. I've lost the guilt & shame, and I am just a more balanced person for my wearing.
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    Little sexual but mostly comfort convince now due to job and lack of faculties

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    Relaxed, like I don't have to worry about my obnoxious responsibilities from day to day life. After wearing one for awhile I start to get turned on and it leads to other things, and when that's done my stress is gone and I can go back to working.

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    I say for sexual stuff, but I love the feeling of a soaked goodnite.

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    I feel very secure and really comfortable but lonely looking for a son to be a diaper friend or more

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    I just feel calmer, more relaxed, and somehow the tactile sensations distract my mind from any stressful "adult" responsibilities.

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