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Thread: close pat on bum call last night

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    Default close pat on bum call last night

    Last night I was standing in the lounge door way and my mum pats my bum and say's "out the way can I come through "
    The trouble was I was wearing a cushies under my shorts but she didn't notice / say any thing
    I do think secretly she knows

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    Oh-oh, once my dad noticed I was upset and he was upset as mom had just died and wanted me to sit on his knee and give him a cuddle, I was wearing a pampers with a booster and he would of noticed and worst of all my brother was down stairs too, I think he thought that it was too embarssing in front of my brother. That was close!

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    Haha, I was at a friend's house hanging out with just us and our girlfriends, goofing around when he joking went to slap my butt. A big loud THUP! ensued because I was wearing an Abena M4 (due to urge IC problems), but I don't like telling other people about it. I was SUPER nervous about it for a half a second, trying to think of what to say or do, so I just continued on like it was no big deal, and no one else said anything. Not even an awkward silence. No idea what he thought of it, but it was more likely "wtf was that" if anything, very, very unlikely "is that a diaper?".

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    I guess we all worry about that sort of personal intrusion. I had an employer, many years ago, that was a big sports fan, and seemed to like the (football type) ass slap, as a sign of "team"... I hated it, but wasn't wearing at the time, so blew it off. These days it'd probably be a reason to slap them back with a law suit. But, here's this big ass Marine, slapping me on the butt, as his Director of Operations, just for doing my job... Hated it! Thank God I wasn't pushing the wearing to 24/7 back then!

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    I was out of the town one night with my future sister in law and a few other friends ran into a good friend from college and he grabbed me around the waist and picked me up. I could feel my shirt come up and my future in law was standing behind me. I have no idea if she got a peek but I know my diaper was sticking out of my pants. I had a depend on and it would have been obvious that that wasn't underwear.

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    Don't any of you guys watch Survivor????

    Expect the unexpected!

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    I think pats on the bum are just something you have to be prepared to experience if you wear a lot.

    I have been discovered a couple of times that way - but I wear full-time now so I pretty much just have to take it on the chin.

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    For the most part, I didn't start wearing diapers again until I was living on my own. Fear of discovery from a playful swat on the butt or a birthday spanking from a parent was one of the reasons for me doing this. :P

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