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Thread: Best/cutest all over print disposable?

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    Default Best/cutest all over print disposable?

    I'm more of a little than a DL and when I wear I often just do it for comfort and security; I don't use them for their intended purpose very often. I have a good stash of cloth diapers which are pretty perfect for this purpose! But the popularity of all over printed disposables for ABDLs is expanding, and I really love the cute designs, so I wanted to see what you all thought!

    Here are my favorites:
    Abu little paws
    Rearz safari
    Crinklz (hmm...I guess I really like baby animal prints, haha)
    Abu lavender
    DC amor (the kitties, not the creepy anime lady)

    I think the dotty the pony super boompa design is pretty cool. I don't care for most of the rearz designs, or most designs that have things on them like the word "baby" (lookin at you, bambino), building blocks, baby footprints, etc...real baby diapers don't have stuff like that on them! It's like you're gonna look down at your diaper and be like "oh yeah, I'm a baby. I forgot." Haha!

    I wanted to hear what everyone else here thinks, too! What are your favorites in terms of cuteness/fun/playfulness?

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    There aren't very many "all over" print diapers available. I think you've hit ost of the entire list. The kitten really aren't "all-over" - the shell has a pink faintly starred background but is otherwise plain, compared to the playful kittens on the front panel. Also they have the DC Idyl, a deep blue variety intended to be more of a "boys" diaper. Barebum also makes a "full print" diaper. and there's also the rearz spoiled ("feet") and princess. Spoiled is its own model, but the princess, lavender, and safari are all the same physical design with a different print. But your question is more about prints than designs, so they need to all be considered. (rearz clearly leads the pack in options here)

    I personally have tried all but the Lavender, and I honestly like them all. Both the original and the new crinklz don't seem to fit me very well for some reason. (I might have needed the medium crinklz2, I got large, and they're pretty long on me) So, tossing out a better "scenario"... lets say I win a contest here and I get several cases of just one of those types, and shipping/storage are not a problem, which would I pick? It would come down to little paws and safari. Honestly at that point it's a matter of "sometimes really thick is nice, and sometimes it's not". Other than that they're fairly equal in my opinion. Being forced to pick one, it comes down to physical design, and I'd probably go with safari for the option of more capacity / better swelling. That being said, I had both as opions last night, and I wore (and quite thoroughly soaked) a little paws.

    (but if you're giving them away, I won't turn down anything in that list)

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    I might be biased because they're the only ones I have used, but ABU Cushies are the best on my list.
    The big shapes in the print make it feel like an oversized baby diaper on a big baby,

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    A friend at abu gave me a coupon code for a case of little pawz, I have to say I love the design, they are ridiculously comfortable to wear, they smell like grape and for such a thick diaper they are easier to wear then other super thick diapers durring day time activities.

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