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Thread: Wondering about catheters?

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    Default Wondering about catheters?

    So at first I thought that you could only get catheters by prescription but I recently seen a post that talked about using catheters for recreation. So I was wondering what are the dos and don'ts and where do I find them?

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    I'd suggest watching you tube videos on how to place a catheter, there are plenty of nursing school videos.

    Generally just learn how to use sterile technique and be careful and you'll be just fine.

    I buy mine from allergro medical. Simple goodie search will find lots of stores.

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    Being careful with the catheter & being sterile is key! My girlfriend is in nursing school and has practiced on me once

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    I tried this a couple times with much difficulty.
    Eventually, I decided the risks of becoming involuntarily incontinent weren't worth it.
    I also used Allegro. You don't need any Rx to buy. But you should do research to make sure you buy the right equipment if you are determined to go through with it.

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    What we are seeing a bit of lately is, people saying that they use them in a fashion they are not intended to be used. For safety reasons, foley's should never be used open ended.

    My last experience of using a foley was twenty months ago, in hospital with a life threatening condition. It was prematurely removed at my request, because of drainage issues. My point being, I'm not without experience in their use.

    People who use this device in any way and for whatever reason, while seemingly unaware of all real potential issues, they beg some very serious questions. For if their experience is for real, they should be qualified enough to present the complete picture.

    The use of foley's is a subject that comes round on a regular basis, it might be high time to address it in it's entirety.

    PS: In the meantime, I'll busy myself repairing the BS meter, ya'all just broke.

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    I recommend against this. I experimented and at one point had blood in my urine for hours, possibly requiring an expensive doctor visit (but it went away so I just crossed my fingers and didn't visit a doctor). It never worked out well for trying to temporarily lose control, due to the hair-raising feeling of having that thing in me damaging my urethra. Apparently they scratch it up over time and this can cause all sorts of long-term complications. I didn't spend a dime, instead contacting companies for free samples. It turned into a catheter-review experience, and I even filed a report with the FDA about a health hazard of one that had spiky bits on the tip of one. It was interesting but not worth the risks, and I've not messed with it anymore in years.

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    I am an expert at it been doing it 5 X s a day for 8 years , my urologist thinks it's funny that I am his only patient who keeps a conversation going without pause when he scopes me .

    Wash your hands or wear gloves ,do not inflate a foley with air use saline, and do not overninflate,don't use gobs of lube put a little on the first inch of the cath , that's all you need, when doing a foley it helps to wrap the cath between your fingers ( it gives you better control) a fluid insertion is the easiest use steady pressure until you start to feel resistance then take a quick breath and push it all the way into your bladder as you exhale , insert the full length of a foley until it stops , then inflate the Ballon and give it a gentle tug to seat it in your bladder.
    Any questions feel free to ask I learned to cath as a Nurse but perfected it on myself when I needed to start cathing for need, you won't become IC from using caths and the risk of infection by cath is very small as long as you use a clean technique , yes sterile is great but rarely do you have everything sterile that's why it's called CIC Clean Intermittent Catheterization.

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