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    Could I chew an Adult paci without fear of putting a hole in it like a baby paci? Or there still the risk of that?

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    I have found that there is still a risk, at least with nuk5 and aww so cutes pacifiers.

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    I chew my nuk5 and no holes yet!

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    I'd rather not risk it.
    I prefer keeping my chewing restricted to teething toys and cheap baby pacis

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    You would be pretty likely to make a hole in a latex paci i would think. A silicone paci will probably last a pretty good length of time, but I think you will eventually wear it out. I'd suggest getting a cheaper silicone pacifier so you don't have to be worried about it much. Consider too that some people use pacifiers for when they grind their teeth at night. As well, people use pacifiers to stop from grinding their teeth when they do ecstasy, so they are technically pretty well known for dealing with teeth.

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