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    Anyone else consider diapers essential to their day to day life?

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    they are essential in my life, but I do not wear everyday, or need too.

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    Yes, I can go a few days without or even a week but I start to miss them after a bit. I havn't wet mine in ages and after a week, I started missing it. Since I am buying more on Monday when I get money, I can start wetting again. I am not sure if I can wait!

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    They are essential in a sense that I'll always have urge to wear them after a while of not wearing them. I don't use them in my day-to-day life, but I couldn't live without (at least thinking about) them.

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    Unless it's a matter of thought, I can't say they're essential to my day to day life. I don't see how it would be practically possible to purge them from my conscious thoughts (goodness knows I tried). I've gone without them for months from lack of compelling interest and years by force of will but life is better when I just go with the flow. They're not essential but they make things better.

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    It has become an essential to my day to day life. I could change it if I had to, but I don't want to. I might have to lay off a little bit though, I leaked a little bit while at work, nobody could likely tell, but I knew.

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