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    I always use plastic pants with my nappy. Most of the time now its over disposables but every now and then it will be with traditional terry squares.
    Most of my plastic pants come from the well known Chinese supplier and i have also bought from Protex in the past. I thought i would try someone different and have just had a delivery from Drylife of their "Basics Plastic Pants". It says in the description that they are "noisey when worn". They are not wrong, with these on you will be heard coming from a long way off. It takes me back to my bedwetting days when the plastic sheet on the bed made a lot of noise, and my old thick rubber pants used to rustle. I just had to try them on, so at the moment i have on a space diaper with the pants on top and a tee shirt. The sound is deafening! If you like to be heard give these a try. Click image for larger version. 

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    got one on, now

    yep, they're noisy, but they're also pretty small for their claimed size, smaller than a same size Gary pant (what the hell is going on with clothing sizes, nowadays? things seem to be getting smaller and smaller; i got some 6 to 11 size socks from Aldi, last week, for my size 5/5.5 feet and they're so tight aroung the ankle that i've given them away!). so, i'd say to go two sizes up from your normal [already sized up].

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    I buy my plastic pants from Adult diaper company, they are sized for adults, and can accommodate my cloth diapers

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    I bought some of these too as they were so cheap, Im an M diaper size (~30" waist) but got the S based on the size chart. They fit well apart from being a little tight around the legs. They crinkle a lot on their own, but I found with jeans pulled over it silenced them a lot and it was perfectly fine to go out like that without any funny looks.

    The Drylife slips are pretty good and crinkly too, similar (maybe identical) to an ID Slip.

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