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    i don't know if this is the right place for my introduction . But here goes . I did not have internet for a couple of weeks . this is why i have not posted . I am very new to all this !
    I have a job at a retail store , I am an assistant manager . My hobbies are a lot depending on the season . In the spring and summer i like walk , make a garden ( in barrels cant dig in the ground where i live , it a rule of the neighborhood )
    metal detecting, building things out of wood , going to places i have never been to around my city , playing pool , swimming , bike riding , thrift stores . i'll stop there it goes on and on. In the winter and fall i try to write short stories ,
    read everything i can books or internet , electronics either putting them together , repairing or taking them apart . i built an antenna last year out of an umbrella and old radio parts , i got all 24 channels . better then the store bought one which gets me only 15 channels , but back to the point .
    I smoke cigarettes , I drink mostly whiskey . I play some video game fallout 3 , new Vegas and 4 . I cant think of any more to say about me right now . So hello to everyone , nice to meet you .

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    Hello, I see your profile about horror movies
    What horror movies that you ever watch?

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    Hello there! Yes, this is the correct place for your introduction.

    I too like taking electronics apart...that is what got me interested in information technology.

    Welcome to the group kooladetounge!

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    I watch almost all horror movies . i generally don't watch anything else . that is unless i have friends over , then i watch other movies . what about you . what do you watch ?

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    I'm not very good at electronic . It took me 3 months of reading and videos to figure it out . How about you did you go to school or are you self taught ?

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    Hi and welcome. I love horror movies and I write stories in the scary/horror genre. I have several of them on this site.

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    Hi! I'm working on fallout 4 at the moment myself, i seem to be spending more time building my vault from the DLC then i do playing the game though. Fallout 4 has taken a back seat to Witcher 3, have you played that? if you have not i highly suggest the whole series. unparalleled story telling in my opinion. Witcher 3, truly a masterpiece.

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    hi , i never played witcher . But i know what you mean , by building vaults or settlements. They can take forever to build.

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    hello , I'll take a look at them when i get more time .

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    Welcome! Welcome! I also have worked in retail and write poetry. Hope to know you better!

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