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Thread: Pick and Mix: I am excited

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    Cool Pick and Mix: I am excited

    Hi Everyone

    Gess what.

    I get to go to another meet, this one is called Pick and Mix

    It run by the same people that run Little Big Land.

    Little big land was my first meet where I could let go and be my self but I was not to shore and a bit shy at first. But now I know I be safe to just let go and Little out with others that are freanly and the same as i am, on the inside.

    If you are going please say hi to me. So we can put faces to names.

    I let everyone know who it went on Sunday.

    Just one more sleep to go.

    Hee, hee


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    Hi everyone.

    Has promist a undated on Pick and mix.

    Pick and mix was great bit in my opinion not as good as Little Big Land.

    The venew was very Privet what looked like a old commercial factory that had need bone out for something else. But it had lots and lots of room to play in this ment there was a big room with a bounce Castle and a all pool and a bounce boxing ring for the Middles. I spent a some time in the ball pool throughing balls at the other Little and there bigs trying to get told off but no one did, and there was a room with Lego some for the middles and some for us and the Ab 's had some there was dolls houses with dollies for the sissys and girls and art talels.

    I did a picher of my little space how it made me feel lot of prittly colouers and stuff a big said that it look really good. The was also a rool of paper on the wall so you got to draw on the wall lots of us did this ii looked great at the end.

    A groups of us made a village out of boxes and stuff with look really good at the end.

    I did managed to get told off right at the end when I was helpping to tiddy up and put all the logo in a box. But some of the Lego did get in the box it went on the floor and I was told that it just go on the floor. Hee, hee.

    And there was a room tat had Disney films on and it the corner the was a din which you could hid in.
    And there was lots of cushions to lay on.

    There was a changing room with two changing tables and a well equipeted cupboard. This room was privet and I was able to change my self very easily. And it was kind of nice to see P-Dom changing there Littles. Really wish I had one. Any way.

    There was a kitchen where we had sweetes and later on there was tea as well hot bogies with other party food.

    I got my self told off hear as well. I decided that the paper plates would make good frisdy and through them to some other littles. I was really put at the back off the queue.

    There was also other room for the more grey airer off being a little. One of us got a new set of rains. They look God on him but he then had to go where he was told. And he could run off any more.

    Like I said I think Little Big Land is better. But pick and mix is really, really good. Just need blending moor.

    Will there is another meet in November and in December There's Little Big Lands Christmas party. Which I'm really looking forward to.

    A big thanks to Auntie Fay For all the hard work she puts into these events.


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