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Thread: Baby Diapers for 20 year old?

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    Default Baby Diapers for 20 year old?

    Asking here as a diaper lover (just wetting/flooding, no messing), what diapers (if any) would fit a 6'3" 32-34 waist size 20 year old? I know goodnites do, I'm wearing a wet pair right now, and have a pack of Abena M4's, but is there like any baby diapers that would fit? Like Pampers Size 7 or those kind of diapers that are the biggest baby diapers can really go. I'm assuming some of you can fit into those kinds of diapers, just asking if there's a brand or kind of diaper that is good for my size. Thanks!

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    Yep, they are called adult diapers. I don't think there are any baby diapers that would fit you.

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    There's tons of ABDL diapers out on the market. I think you would be a medium.

    Some printed ABDL sites include:
    ABUniverse -
    Bambino -
    Tykables -
    ASC -
    Rearz -

    Those are the sites I know of, I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting about.

    These aren't baby diapers exactly, but they are adult diapers with baby prints.

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    I'm going to quote Cottontail and say that Pamper's Baby Dry size 6 is the largest baby diaper on the market (if I'm quoting it wrong, don't stone me). But even then, they don't really fit your waist size without modification. I have a 26" waist and find I don't fit in baby diapers appropriately. Others with larger waist sizes have said they'll fit fine, but I don't agree; a diaper isn't supposed to fit like a tight thong.

    If ordering AB diapers is out of the question, you could try decorating your Abenas with stickers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goodnitesco96 View Post
    What about Pampers Cruisers Size 7?
    I hear the Baby Dry 6 is slightly bigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodnitesco96 View Post
    What about Pampers Cruisers Size 7?
    To quote ClandestineWing's quoting of me: Baby Dry 6 (tied with Baby Dry Extra Protection 6 and Luvs 6) is the biggest baby diaper you'll find on US store shelves. Cruisers 7 is actually smaller now. Same with Swaddlers 6 and all Huggies 6's. Sad but true! (Cruisers 7 was never more than tied for size with Baby Dry and Luvs, and has always followed a different system of sizing.)

    All of these, if you can get them on at all, will be very tight and low-riding. I have a 38" waist and enjoy using baby diapers in various ways, but some sort of modding is usually involved. Because of the low rise, the fit will have less to do with your waist measurement than it will with your hip/butt measurement, which for most of us is larger--44" in my case.

    But if you're interested, just buy a bag. It's a $12-15 experiment at most, and if you can't wear them by themselves, you'll have a nice bag of babyish boosters for whatever larger diapers you end up getting.

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    Well since nobody else has said it since there a bit bigger then they've been I'm going to say pull ups (Huggies) even modded their alright

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    If you can please save yourself the embarrassment of not fitting into real baby diapers (we all wish we could, but the truth is nobody can comfortably) and just buy Bambino's, Rearz Safari Diapers, Some ABUniverse diapers, anything of that nature x)

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