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Thread: Stung in the end... (Bowel Issues)

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    Default Stung in the end... (Bowel Issues)

    Hey guys. Just a warning to those who don't want to read on, this involves bm's and their collateral damage.

    So, lately I've been taking a new medication that has the unfortunate side effect of loose, oily, stools. I've been doing well until very recently where things have become REALLY loose and oily (uncontrollable leakage) and I've been experiencing up to 5-6 bm's a day for a few days now. They are mostly smaller, but very oily and not solid in nature.

    I know this is a side effect of my new med, in combination with the stress of a new move and pretty bad diet (I just got my kitchen cleared and am now cooking again). I was expecting the troubles and the increase in changes resulting in showers, not a problem. However, I was not prepared for what a pain in the backside this would actually be, literally.

    For those of you that experience bowel issues more frequently than I (which is very rare but for the last few days), how do you take care of "back there"? It feels like a thousand stinging cuts now, very raw and uncomfortable. It's not fun to sit right now, and I can imagine walking being impaired before too long if I can't find relief. And that's not acceptable as I'll be walking upwards of three miles a day starting Monday.

    How can I foster healing, and bring some welcome relief? I fear the next bm now. I hope for more regular and solid mass soon thanks to a more normal diet, but that also frightens me. I'll be glad to regain control though. I know that "airing out" would be of tremendous value, but I dare not go unprotected for more that fifteen minutes (urine production has been elevated recently as well). If any of you guys know of an over the counter miracle cure, I'd be most appreciative!

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    I would definitely be using a zinc oxide product to protect and heal the skin on your butt. I know what its like to have 5-7 bms a day. Even if none of those end up in your diaper it can still hurt. Best advice is to change a messy diaper asap, use diaper rash ointment and, of course, try to eat something that will add fiber to your diet. I always thought the latter was a catch 22 for those of use with IBS-D and urge because while the additional fiber will add solid bulk to your bms, it will also mean you might go a little more often.

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    Ouch! I can't add much to that, except to emphasize keeping your butt coated in zinc oxide at all times, not only for healing but to act at a barrier against the next BM. It's no miracle cure but you should start feeling relief fairly soon. The best over-the-counter cream I've seen is 40% zinc oxide (cheaper brands may have just 10-15%), and the best price around here is Wal-Mart's store brand, about $2.48 for 4 oz.

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    I kind of have a similar problem but for the opposite reason... because of what I figure to be genetics and not the best diet, I tend to get kind of chronically constipated. Hard, difficult to pass, and basically tears up my rear end. Afterwards I end up scratching on the toilet (and/or have another difficult poop), so I irritate it again and I never really get a chance to heal.

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    Thanks guys! I can't believe I didn't think of any sort of barrier cream. I don't normally deal with number two issues and have never had rash problems so I don't use the stuff. I will say that these 5-6 times a day is outrageous. I have been moving in, so I've been at home throughout the ordeal which means I've had the luxury of showering after each episode. I tried making rice the other night to add bulk, but the rice didn't cook very well and was "crunchy". You can imagine how that "helped" the situation. I must say though if it weren't for the pain, smell, discomfort, and inconvenience with all the changes I could get used to this. Whatever I eat seems to come right back out, I've never had a metabolism that good! LOL.

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    BTW, I hope that medication is only temporary, or your body is supposed to acclimate over time. I can't imagine dealing with that every day. If you had regular #2 issues, I think 3-4 times a day is average. The strongest medication I ever took had me eating yogurt with most meals a day to protect my stomach, but there were no other major side effects.

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    The symptoms won't be permanent. There will always be the possibility, but I was doing very well with the med and no side effects until this move. One week of swimming in boxes, and old memories, unfamiliar location, new faces, a deadline, and very poor diet kinda left my body open to the side effects.

    The diet is the biggest contributor with this stuff. I have been feeling much better over past few hours. Things have slowed down greatly and have begun to normalize. I attribute this to becoming almost box free, and raisin bran. Lots and lots of raisin bran. Thanks again for all the help guys. The irritation and discomfort have subsided greatly and it's nice not to have to change as often anymore.

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    You can get a prescription for zinc oxide from your Doctor that is straight zinc oxide with a little bit of petroleum jelly to make it spreadable ( plain zinc oxide without the petroleum is available but you basicly need a strong butter Knife to spread it) if the problem continues I would recommend Medline Remedy barrier cream that is dimethicone based and will not cause diapers and rubber or plastic pants to degrade , it can be applied in various formulations from a one step foam cleanser to just a straight barrier cream it is clear practicly odorless and also contains amino acids that are precursors to healthy skin creation , I have used remedy for years in various formulations including formerly using diapers that had it built into the lining of the diapers, when I used there disposables it was extra protection for me because it's the stuff I use with my cloth diapers, unfortunately the diaper was redesigned I and i hated it and went to Tranquility and Northshore disposables when I am not in cloth. You can also get some Calmoseptine it's good for everything from a diaper rash to a burns and pressure sores both my urologist and colon rectal Doctors swear by it and frequently give out free individual use packets at the offices when patients have a problem that it would help like when I had a particular mean flare up of my 'rhoids , it is over the counter and stocked on the shelf by most Walgreens pharmacies , other places usually special order it , or it can be purchased in the web.

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    barrier creams when its acting up bad. this will really help, smells can be helped with plastic pants and cholorphyll, you do however want to change as much as possible.

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    I had a like problem fairly recently to the point where if I had stood by the road and mooned people, they would have thought my posterior was a stop sign. So my grandfather gave me some athletes foot cream and in 2 days that rash was gone. I had tried everything else and would have never thought of foot cream but it did the trick.

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