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Thread: Anybody have the brand new goodnites for boys?

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    Default Anybody have the brand new goodnites for boys?

    So, I am back on ADISC after a very long time, I was on here back when I believe they had like a teen or kid section (anybody who was on here for a long time knows what I am talking about). But anyways, does anybody have like a pack of the brand new goodnites that just came out that I could buy? I looked on ebay for like an hour and just couldn't find any of them. I have PayPal.Click image for larger version. 

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    I got the new girl design in amazon, they're so cute :3 So I think the have the new boys design too

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    Yes, they sent me the goodnites in their brown box, you know, the box only says the numbers of diapers and if is for girls or boys, but also you can select in your order the amazon box so they put the goodnites box in the amazon box por more discretion

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    When did they change them? Cause I still have a few boys' GoodNites sitting around. I also have some of the girls' ones too.

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    I saw them at City Market in my town I think maybe about a month ago with a different design, instead of the red and blue with skateboards they replaced it with the ones I put in the picture on the thread. The girls I think they changed a while back, probably around 5-6 months but I'm not sure cause I only use the Boys Goodnites.

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    I continue to order girls L X from Amazon and I've seen no change in design.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	27432 These are the new girls goodnites design for L/XL, they should have them somewhere. This was also a picture posted on here so I didn't get it from a random website.

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    The pics on amazon are still showing the old design So i picked up a box of another brand they had a $5 coupon for.
    but i'll keep an eye out for the new ones in the store. they look great

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